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How to Monetize Your Kitchen Design Blog (Without Losing Readers)

Do you love having a beautiful kitchen? Are you proud of the tips and tricks youve used over the years to make it come to life?

If so, you may already have the knowledge you need to start a kitchen design blog.

Sure, there are a few technical things to work out, but there are many online resources to help you. This goes for anything from buying a domain name to making your blogs logo.

The creative opportunities are endless. Plus, if you do it right, you can turn your blog from a hobby into a full-time, money-making business!

Heres everything you need to know about monetizing your kitchen design blog.

1. Start Guest Posting

The easiest way to make money on your site is to offer guest posting services.

A guest post is an article one writes for another blog. You can use it to make money in one of two ways.

The first is to offer an opportunity for other writers to contribute their kitchen design tips in exchange for a standard fee. This is a rate they must pay every time they submit something to your blog.

Such a process can be a big money-maker since there are many writers out there looking for more exposure.

Plus, it gives you a nice stream of new content to keep publishing on your kitchen design blog!

The second way to make money with guest posts is to write a post on another site looking to pay writers. There arent as many sites out there that pay as those that ask for a fee, but it is possible to find some.

Keep in mind this wont be a direct service offered on your blog.

Writing a guest post means your work is published elsewhere. Still, the extra money is nice to have as you build your brands traffic and income.

2. Do Some Affiliate Marketing

A great way to write for another brand but still offer it as a site service is to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you write a post on your kitchen design blog to review or promote a product.

Its results are best seen when you work with kitchen design brands youre proud to stand behind. Hint: they are even better if youve actually used the products instead of just researching them.

Trust us, it will show when you have a positive relationship and a working knowledge of these brands, and when you dont.

Users will easily be able to sense your enthusiasm over a new coffee maker or a fresh set of kitchen knives. But, theyll also be able to tell if youre faking it, and just writing an ad.

3. Get Ads and Sponsors

Speaking of ads, consider using your kitchen design blog as a platform for related services to reach your audience.

Ads on your website can be placed on the side panels of an article, or somewhere on your homepage. They dont have to be all over the place, but a few ads can make a significant difference in your income.

Remember, your kitchen design blog isnt just about your landing pages either.

You can partner with some interior designers to promote them on social media.

This creates a sponsorship that can help you make some serious money. You can run social ads every month, or make new posts as you go with certain brands.

4. Offer Something You Can Sell

Beyond selling promotions and ad space, why not create something with your name on it?

You can easily extend a kitchen design blog into an online store. You just have to know what you want to sell.

Here are a few options.

An Ebook

If youve been through all kinds of kitchens and design projects, you probably know a thing or two about what its really like.

Instead of blogging all your best secrets away, consider turning them into an Ebook. You can even make a series out of different kitchen ideas!

For example, offer one ebook on vintage and shabby chic kitchens. Then, make another for achieving a modern, upscale design on a budget.

Continue this process through all the different styles of home decor, and youve got a nice chance at making the big bucks.

You can also separate Ebooks in terms of appliances, and general kitchen features like lighting, countertops, and pantry organizing tips.

A How-To Course

There might be some topics mentioned above you really want to dive into.

Why not?

Turn your expertise of keeping a clean pantry into a how-to guide for busy moms to have their own. Do the same for sink upkeep and maintenance, or how to go green in the kitchen.

These may not sound like design tips, but they are still relevant enough to have a place on your blog.

Kitchen Design Goodies

If youd rather stick to design, try offering some kitchen pieces you think your readers would love.

This could be anything from embroidered hand towels and cute aprons to hand-made mugs.

Dont worry, you wont have to make all of these on your own! Just take some time to look for local artists or online vendors looking for extra exposure.

Find the ones youre excited to work with and set up a contract you can both benefit from.

5. Establish Authority

As you start to work in all the tips above, your kitchen design blog will gain more authority in the industry.

This is about more than traffic increases and brand awareness.

You can use this to leverage yourself as a blogger.

It could even lead to expanding your niche from kitchen design to many other areas of the home. This eventually provides opportunities to write about anything from bedroom decor to hanging chairs which you can learn more here about.

Start Your Kitchen Design Blog

There is practically no limit to what you can do with your kitchen design blog.

But, you have to get started first.

Write your first articles about what you know and the things youre most passionate about. Then, take on the tips above one step at a time.

Ready to build your blogs traffic and income?

Click here to make your own blog!

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