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How to Safely Buy Marijuana Online

Ever wish you had access to a wider choice of weed than you can get at the local dispensary? Or, do you get tired of having to travel to pick up your bud?

Buying marijuana online could be the solution to all your problems.

While it might sound a little sketchy, its completely possible to buy weed safely and legally online you just need to know what youre doing.

If youre a newbie to shopping for your weed online, youre in the right place.

Weve put together this simple guide to ordering marijuana through the mail. Just keep reading for everything you need to know!

Only Buy from Certified Dispensaries

In Canada, its completely legal for medical marijuana patients to buy weed from certified online dispensaries, like Dope Mail.

So, if youre already a medical marijuana patient, its as simple as finding a legitimate site to buy from. If youre not a medical patient, youll need to wait until mid-2018, when a bill to legalize weed will likely be passed.

Unfortunately, a large black market still exists and not every site you see is the real thing. Avoid links on forums and social media, and steer clear of sites that look unprofessional or contain little information.

Buying from one of these sites isnt just illegal. You also risk purchasing a dangerous substance that isnt the same as whats described on the web page.

Always do your research before purchasing from a site. Its far better to be safe than sorry.

Check Reviews Before Purchasing

There are plenty of online dispensaries to choose from, and theyre not all created equal.

Some sites have more choices, more detailed information, faster shipping costs, and better customer service than others.

Before you make your first purchase, be sure to check plenty of reviews from other buyers. Dont look only at reviews on the site itself, but check comments from outside sources, too.

If youre unsure about a site, start by making a small order to see how things go.

Choose the Right Strain for Your Needs

Choosing the right strain is a huge part of safe marijuana use.

While certain strains may help symptoms like physical pain, anxiety, and insomnia, others could make them worse.

If youre used to a particular strain and know that it works well for you, its wise to stick to something similar.

If youre still experimenting, youll want to consider whether you need an Indica or a Sativa. You can also look at options like edibles, concentrates, and oils, and consider the time of day youll be using the drug.

Since theres nobody there to guide you like there is in a physical dispensary, its important to choose a site that displays plenty of information on each of its strains.

Are You Ready to Buy Marijuana Online?

Buying marijuana online is a convenient alternative to visiting a dispensary and gives you access to a wider range of strains.

To stay safe, choose a reputable online dispensary, avoid buying from forums, check reviews before purchasing, and choose the right strain for your needs.

Want to do some reading while you wait for your delivery? Check out our top ten cannabis books!

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