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How to Spend Less on Gas and More on Holiday Gift-Giving

Its easy to get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle when youre constantly looking for the perfect gift. The holidays can get expensive, but there are ways to save , and your vehicle doesnt have to add to that huge dent in your wallet.
Firestone Complete Auto Care offers the following tips to help you save money at the gas pump so you can focus on the season of giving.
At least once a month, make sure your tires are properly inflated according to the vehicles specifications. Over-inflating tires by even a pound or two might improve fuel mileage in the short run, but it causes tires to wear prematurely. The money you save in fuel is less than what you would pay to replace the tires.
Buy the right octane. Look in your vehicles owners manual for the correct octane level for your cars engine. Odds are that it will be regular unleaded. Your vehicle should run just fine on regular if thats what the manual recommends, and it costs less.
An annual full-vehicle inspection, including the air conditioning system, may help you avoid costly repairs.
Vehicles use less fuel the more slowly they travel. Try dropping your highway speed by 10 mph to see big savings at the pump.
Extra weight in your vehicle makes it work harder, hence less fuel mileage. If you have a trunk full of junk, empty it out for better fuel economy and to save money.
Nothing can put a damper on running holiday errands more than unpredictable gas prices. Thats why Firestone Complete Auto Care created Gasonomics, an online resource to help you save money at the pump! Go to www.firestonecompleteautocare.com/gasonomics/ for money-saving tips and special offers from Firestone Complete Auto Care, or to locate the lowest-priced gas near your home.
The holiday season can be hectic and the car might be the last thing on drivers minds while running around. However, just by taking a few small steps, drivers can save money on their vehicles meaning more money can be spent celebrating the holidays!
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