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Ideas For Your Party Favors

Most of us think only of weddings when considering party favors. However, they are often given at birthday parties or any social gathering at which the host wants to thank their guests for coming. These favors can range from very simple items, such as a small parcel containing a sweet or two, to extravagant gifts. The history of the favor reveals that the first to give them were the Italian nobility and their wealth permitted them to give items made of silver or gold.
The majority of us do not have the money to be able to buy our guests anything extravagant. However, there are simple ways to show your appreciation which do not have to cost a lot of money. If your gathering involves a formal, seated meal favors can double as place settings. For example, at a wedding each place setting could be marked by a miniature champagne bottle with a label displaying the name of the person who is to sit there. Then, all of the guests will have their own cork to pop for the toast.
If your budget allows, you could purchase a small photo frame for each guest at your party. Inside you could place a piece of paper with their names on. This would then give your guest a keepsake of the event. In addition, when you send them a thank-you card after the occasion you can include a photo taken at the time for them to place in their frame. This ensures that every guest has something to cherish from your gathering.
Another way to add life to traditional favors is the way in which you display them. If your party has a theme then you can incorporate this into their decoration. If you are having a beach themed party, for example, you could place a children's bucket, filled with sand, in the center of each table and place the favors in there.
If you are creative you could make bookmarks or embroider handkerchiefs for each guest with their initials on. Alternatively, if your guests are friends you made through a shared hobby you could incorporate that into your favors. For example, a group of golfers may appreciate a ball or a couple of tees more than chocolate. Also, this adds the personal touch as your gifts are relevant to your guests and this makes them feel appreciated and valued.
There is no limit to what you can offer your guests as party favors. All you need is a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm and yours can be the party everyone wants an invite to, just for the favor!
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