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Importance of Choosing a Good DUI Lawyer

"A Nation Without Drunk Driving." This is a symposium that will be sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or known as MADD as part of the International DUI (meaning Driving Under the Influence) Technology Symposium that would be held on the 19th and the 20th of this month in Albuquerque, Canada. During this symposium, the latest innovations to help out lessen the number of drunk drivers would be showcased. The list would include alcohol-detecting sensors and anklet devices. These actually test the alcohol levels in the skin so much so that the ignition on their vehicles would lock up in case they do detect that a driver is drunk. All these innovations and technologies would be presented by researchers, law enforcement officers, and criminal justice people.
If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, it is obviously cause for concern-but not for despair. By hiring a quality defense lawyer who can protect your rights, there are a host of ways your case may be defendable. That's why it would be a good idea to consider hiring one of America's Top DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys now. DUI laws are quite complicated nationwide. A good lawyer is very important to help you in your defense. Good DUI lawyers are specialists in drunk-driving cases. They try only such offenses, and know the courts and the laws well. There is also a National College of DUI Defense where you can search for DUI attorneys. A good DUI lawyer can guarantee you more than just arguments in court. Since DUI laws are complicated, a good attorney can pick holes in the case against you and, with some technical help, he or she can get you out of the charge with a small penalty.
DUI laws also distinguish between drunken driving and recklessness. If the charges are reduced to recklessness, the penalties are much less severe. Another aspect of DUI defense is the DMV hearing. The DUI lawyer will have to represent you in this separately. The DUI trial and DMV hearings are separate, and you might end up with a suspended license from either trials or both. Again, a good DUI attorney is essential for the DMV hearing as well.
A drunk driving conviction is not a matter of life or death in the literal sense, but a DUI conviction or guilty plea will affect your life. The first and most obvious effect on your life by a DUI conviction is the punishment. Depending on whether you are guilty of a misdemeanor offense or a felony DUI offense, you will pay a fine, potentially lose your license to drive, possibly serve some sort of community service, and maybe serve some time in prison. The punishment escalates if you are convicted of a DUI-related offense for the second time within a certain time frame.
You want a very good DUI lawyer representing you no matter what DUI-related charge you are facing for the obvious fact that you could either actually be innocent of the DUI charges, or even if you were in-fact guilty, a good DUI attorney could have the DUI charges against you dismissed by finding flaws in police procedure and handling of the evidence, or also by finding contamination in the blood or breath tests taken. There are many factors that can affect the results of a blood or breath test. A good DUI lawyer on your side will give you your best chance at showing reasonable doubt. A good DUI lawyer will also be aware of the many potential defenses, strategies and tactics that can be used. Remember, you must be found guilty of the DUI-related offense beyond a reasonable doubt to be convicted.
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