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Law Firms with Patent Trademark Registration Services

Patent Registration is an exclusive right that aims at preventing and protecting the unauthorized selling, use and importing of the service, product or process innovatively invented. Patent registration is given for specific number of years to the inventor of service or of the product. Patent is a type of legal document given to the inventor for his or invention in a form of new product or service by the government. Every country has its own rule and regulations for patent registration which is granted to the inventor for his or her product or service offering to the corporate world. In India there is Patent Act, 1970 that regulates rules and regulations for patent registration. Patent registration in India can be filed by legal representative of a deceased inventor, or by any partner of a company alone or on joint basis. Patent registration is a type of legal process that needs guidance or assistance by good attorneys.
There are many law firms in India offers various types of patent and other types of legal and law services like copyright prosecution, IPR patent, application preparation, IPR law firms India, IPR rights, IPR infringement, trademark infringement, trademark filing, trademark classifications, trademark application, patent law firms, patent filing, patent drafting, patent application, patent registration, copyright registration and many more. Law firm like www.patenttrademarkregistration.com that offers all these patent related legal services at affordable rates. Apart from patent registration, its renewal service is also one of the areas of major concern that needs to follow some rules and regulations stated for patent renewal services. The need of patent renewal arises at the expiration of second year from the date of patent. Usually patent registration is granted for a period of twenty years, either to be paid in advance, either each or every year as per the patent owner's need and requirement.
Besides patent registration and renewal services, copyright prosecution is another services of major concern. It is one of the powerful intellectual property asset that includes prohibited use of works or unauthorized use of works covered by copyright law that grants copyright's owner an exclusive rights and to protect from reproduce the copyrighted work. Copyrights agreements or certificates can be obtained for any product or services like from computer software to architectural plans. Besides these there are many company law services are there that must be follow in order to get legal benefits from business activities.
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