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Law Outlines as Study Guides

Readings in law school can pile up really fast. With laws being created, modified and updated periodically, and different cases being presented continuously, taking up law school education sure is a tough and challenging task. Qualifying for a law school program is hard enough, but being able to stay in the program is a much harder task. Law students face a lot of readings every single day in order to familiarize themselves with the law and be exposed to different cases, different stories and different situations. And just as other students in other fields use reviewers as study guides, law school students use guides known as law outlines.
Usually created by law students themselves, law outlines contain the gist of issues discussed in a certain law and presents it in a simpler and more understandable manner. These outlines can follow the format used in a particular school, a particular curriculum, course or a specific professor. They are useful supplementary materials and are easily found on the internet. It is quite a good practice to compare one law outline to another, since outlines are useful in helping a student get a clearer view of the case and have a preliminary understanding of what the big picture really is like.
Now you can easily find an example of a law outline from several internet sites, but one that offers outlines for free is Outlinesumo, which you can check out at www.outlinesumo.com. Note that there are also professionals who create law outlines, but the ones found in this website are mostly created by students who register at the site without charge. Upon registration, students are asked to give their first name, last name, email address, school as well as a profile image. Those who visit the site without signing up could still view some outlines though, by clicking on the HTML button, which shows the cached image of a particular outline.
At the moment, the Outlinesumo's database is quite extensive with a lot of members from schools in both the US and Canada. The site neatly arranges law outlines by date, subject, state, professor, case book and school. Searching for a specific law outline is easy because of advanced search options, and since the outlines submitted are rated, members of the site get to choose the best outlines available. In addition, the issue of outdated outlines becomes easier to solve too, since the year in which the outlines were created are also specified in the site.
Students who upload outlines in the site also get some kind of recognition since the outlines that were given a high rating have its own section in the site, and of course, the names of students who created or uploaded them are included in the post. Nevertheless, the website Outlinesumo.com somehow promotes the exchange of ideas, techniques and styles of students from different schools and countries through its system that encourages users of the site to share their outlines.
Now although downloading law outlines is free, one must be able to upload at least one outline first. Upon downloading one law outline though, a student could download as much as 20 outlines, so this means that by the time one uploads 10 outlines, 200 will be readily available for him or her to download in return.
A law outline is nonetheless useful for students who yearn to get a place in the legal profession. However, one cannot rely on an outline alone in order to successfully ace or even pass an upcoming exam, more so, the bar exam. It is essential for a law school student to be able to make his or her own outline and evaluate how one understood the lessons in his or her own terms.
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