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Marketing Tools - Implements, Impediments or Ornaments?

They say...a bad carpenter often blames his tools.
And then things get worse, far worse than dear carpenter could ever imagine for in the hurry of assigning blame on his tools he makes the fatal mistake of losing sight of the real thing - the fact that he has tools!
By considering his implements as impediments he very effectively destroys all hope of ever using those tools profitably. In the process he causes even more
harm - he loses his opportunity to learn and grow!
Marketing tools are similar to those carpenter's tools. In the hands of an experienced marketer minimal use can produce major artistic results. In the hands of an unresponsive learner they may well be impediments rather than implements.
In network marketing - as in any other field of work - a whole array of marketing tools are available to use on the business. Every facet of marketing finds a tool specifically designed to make that task easier, more efficient, and finally, more profitable.
Many tools are available free of cost while others could cost from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Most of these tools come in the form of knowledge - infotools - the most common form being the 'ebook' (Some tools are in the form of software too but all deal with info).
Many of us have these tools (ebooks) on various aspects of marketing catching e-rust in our hard drives. To add to it many even purchase complicated shiny gadgets (new ebooks) but rarely ever use all that tool's capability.
The reason for this is either procrastination, a lack of discipline or the absence of the one thing which does not come with the tools - the skill with which the tool
should be used.
Improper use of mechanical tools can be a dangerous situation leading to serious injury even. Improper use of marketing tools leads to similar serious injury - to your marketing efforts, only this time the injury is not noticed as easily because no immediate physial pain is felt.
Are you using your marketing tools as implements or impediments. Are you reading the stuff you download? Are you applying what you read to your marketing efforts.
Are you then - taking a step back and - seeing how your handiwork looks? Maybe it needs more finish? Maybe a touch-up here and there? Or Maybe it even needs to be completely redone!
Or maybe that is all this particular tool can do and you need to find another, more advanced tool to continue?
Knowledge is a tool. Check that hard drive today. What have you got stored there that can be used to move your marketing at a faster rate. You have stuff on how to add zing to your ads? Use It. You have stuff on how to optimize your site for the search engines? Use It. You have stuff on how to leverage adsense? Use It.
You have stuff - Use It!
Then step back and survey your work. Keep the tools that make a difference. Discard those that don't but before doing so carefully check it was the tool at fault and not your skill.
Invariably you will find it's your skill and not the tool.
Use tools as implements - the more you use them the better you will get at using them. Using them once in a while or using them hap-hazardly will make those same tools into impediments rather than implements.
Maybe they are neither impediments nor implements; Maybe they are ornaments, stuff you like to decorate your hard-disk with. In that case I have nothing to say!
Your hard-disk, Your Style!
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