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MLM-Prosperity, Supporting Your Downline Online

PCs, the web, Webinars, Blog Sites - it's all of the craze. But how can you use this technology to support your existing downline in your multilevel business? I am sure you'll agree with me that the more you support your downline the longer they stay, the more they sell, the more they hire and the more money everyone earns. Here are one or two ideas on how it's possible for you to use this new method of communication to enhance your support.
Blog Sites
the most well-liked service, WordPress, offers templates you can create for your specific mlm company. Just search any of the well-known firms and you're bound to find a blog site on them. Once you are there, you can choose to create one for the company you represent.
A couple of the Blogs ( that is's techno-talk for web log ) that I have found are Country Peddlers, House of Lloyd, spoilt chef, Tupperware, Partylite Candle, Longaberger Baskets, Avon members and Mary Kay.
How can you use this when supporting your downline? Promote the Blog in your newsletters that you distribute to your downline. Post educational material on that Blog, such as upcoming product introductions, company history information, stock histories and consumer service contact numbers. Brag about downline members on the Blog, listing their accomplishments and quotes from them on how they actually did it. It gives your downline members an opportunity to meet other members from across the country and exchange concepts with them, too.
Organize a webinar to be held at a regular time and promote it in your newsletters and private contacts with your downline. For instance : there is currently a regular training each tuesday night from 9 hundred - 1000 p.m. EST for my team. Instructions concerning how to enter the webinar are posted on the Blog as well as in many of the newsletters of the people attending. It is not unusual to have between 150 to two hundred delegates attending from all over the country. Some are just starting out in my business, while others have been with the company from the start. All levels of attainment are represented as well from part timers to multiple national trip winners. They share ideas, annoyances, selling tips, product information as well as build friendships. Just think what a valuable asset this would be to your downline members!
Online Newsletters
Collect the email addresses from your downline so that you can e-mail them a web version of your ezine. This is often different from your ordinary paper newsletter if you feature articles about being online and promoting your online support activities. You might also include a log of the current webinars (recording them to your PC is simple), and a run down of the other approaching online events. A good way to network with the other company representatives you meet on the net is usually to include them in your e-mail newsletter. Just like with your paper newsletter, it doesn't need to be fancy. Being consistent is more vital. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it.
Special Online training Events
particularly if your downline stretches from coast to coast, a special online event, hosted by you, can bring your group together. For example, set up a particular time and date and webinar name and advertise it to your downline and on the Blog. Be sure to tell what the subject will be and the way the meeting will run. Maybe you would like to have a special t event on the right way to find sign ups and spend the 1st 20 minutes giving your ideas and the next 45 mins taking questions from the visitors. You could set up a special events calendar with different coaching topics and swapping session times and days. Be creative and leap right in.
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