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Moles, Warts, Skin Tags and Their Treatment

Skin lesions of various types like moles, warts, cysts and skin tags can be all very cumbersome. Though most of them are benign yet they may be painful or unsightly. They may even restrict movement. So, you may want to have them removed.
The moles, warts and skin tags are skin infections caused by specific viruses- wart viruses. The viruses produce bumps on various parts of the body or the soles of the feet. These may be due to potassium deficiency too. The warts are always granular. Just as any viral disease the warts too are contagious in case the other person(s) concerned is (are) susceptible to the virus.
The idea of removing these lesions surgically using laser, knife or some acid might make you afraid. However, you need not fear. Surgical removal is usually considered only if treatments involving medicines, creams and lotions cannot be effective in the situation. You need to consult your personal physician for analyzing about going about with carrying out surgical procedures. Surgery is also generally resorted to if the skin lesion shows signs of turning cancerous e.g. a mole has changed shape and color. Surgical removal of moles, warts and skin tags are also preferred for more precise removal or for the removal of larger lesions.
In order to get rid of the potassium deficiency, if any, which may be causative of the warts, moles and skin tags you need to take in foods containing potassium. Some simple remedial measures can also be adopted for removing the skin lesions. Soaking the wart in warm water for 15-20 minutes and drying and then applying apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball to be left for 10-15 minutes is a good remedy. This should be then washed off with water and the area concerned should be dried. Again, dissolving an aspirin with a small drop of water, applying to the wart and covering the area with a band-aid helps when done twice daily.
Treatment for removal of moles, warts and skin tags may be done by freezing the lesion with liquid gas or treating with chemicals like salicylic acid, which are 'painted on' the area. The surgery involved in removing skin lesions like moles, warts and skin tags is usually quick and straightforward. It does not even need an overnight stay and you can go home after having the operation done at the GP surgery or hospital on the same day. However, you need to discuss with your physician what you can expect from the surgery. It may even be that a margin of skin around the lesion may need to be removed along with the lesion thus leaving a bigger wound than you can expect looking at the lesion's size.
Upon completion of the operation the local anesthesia will lose effect soon and you may feel a pain. For this, painkillers may be administered as per prescription from your physician. After completion of surgery you may be asked to give up or reduce smoking in order to lower the risk of infection and hastening healing.
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