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Most Frequent Injuries In Car Accidents - Whiplash

When it comes to accidents the most frequent questions on everybody’s mind are who was responsible or how much compensation did you get? In car accidents – whiplash is the type of injury that is usually treated lightly but which can have major repercussions on the driver or passenger.
Whether you are dealing with a minor or more serious type of injury you can never be too careful with yourself. Whiplash is never just a ‘neck injury’. Mistakenly, people usually ignore it saying it will go away. Sometimes it does, other times it most certainly doesn’t.
Let us explain a little bit the meaning and effects of such an injury. First, the name of whiplash comes from the whip effect that takes over the spine during an accident. The greater the impact the more intensity on the whip effect, thus it will reach the lower structures of the spine causing a lot of discomfort and pain. Usually, the effects of a whiplash injury only begin to show their true color after a while. After an accident most people are relived that they only got out with a scratch or minor injury but the adrenalin level is higher than ever causing them not to feel pain as intensely as they will after the effect of the adrenaline wears off. After this stage the actual damage both physical and mental from the accident begins to settle in.
Let us now see what the main causes for a whiplash injury are. On the one hand, a car accident, usually a frontal or from the rear are the most common events that can produce whiplash. The impact causes your head to lean back and forth putting tremendous pressure on the neck and spine. From this point on a series of other symptoms come into place, such as: stiff neck, headaches, temporary blurred vision, stiffness of the arms or legs, etc. On the other, it must be noted that whiplash can also occur in other types of accidents. Sporting events, accidents at work, or any other type of activity you may be doing. The important thing is to know exactly what to do if you ever are in the situation to face a whiplash injury.
As many people are unadvised we would like to make something clear. After having been involved in any type of accident, make sure you go visit a doctor or physician. A thorough medical exam is absolutely necessary. After having given a formal statement for the police report, and if after the investigations you are still in the victim’s position we recommend you seek a legal cabinet or lawyer that usually work on a “no win no fee” basis and forward a compensation claim.
It may not be much, but it will surely come in handy. Just think of all the expenses you had with doctor visits, repairing, and days off from work. In any accidents, as well as in car accidents – whiplash is not to be overlooked as it is one of the most common yet difficult injuries to deal with. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a week to go away, but other times it is something that will haunt you every step of the way.
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