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New Support For Whiplash Sufferers

A new website developed by the University of Queensland in Australia has been created to offer whiplash patients around the world, help support and advice. The University of Queensland's Centre of National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine (CONROD) and NMHRC Centre of Clinical Research Excellence in Spinal Pain, Injury and Health (CCRE Spine) have teamed up to create the website with the aim of "providing evidence based information to consumers and practitioners about whiplash and its management."
The University of Queensland's website says: "The team's Chief Investigator, Dr Michele Sterling, is excited about the unique opportunities available." Dr Sterling is enthusiastic about the new website and has said: "This is the first consumer based information site for people with whiplash."
She added: "That's important because a significant proportion of injured people go onto to have persisting pain and disability and while there are a plethora of treatments available, we have synthesized the evidence in a consumer friendly way." Whiplash is something of an enigma and although common, the causes and science behind it are still poorly understood. Recent data from Australia shows that up to 60 percent of people might still experience pain as long as six months after their whiplash injury occurred.
The university investigated whiplash and discovered a distinct lack of educational resources available for both whiplash sufferers and for those interested in the science behind the injury. Both teams have spent many months developing the website which aims to provide lasting and truly beneficial support to practitioners and patients.
In an article on the University of Queenland's website Dr Sterling said "We are aiming to provide unbiased evidence based information to assist people to make decisions throughout their recovery process." She added. "The site will be regularly updated by our researchers and publishing this material online enables patients and practitioners alike to capitalize on the outcomes of our research in a private and confidential setting."
The number of online support groups and forums for whiplash sufferers is presently small and an online search yields a lot of law firms who are eager to litigate and a few companies offering things like complimentary therapy, but there was until this website, little information on offer. One such website offers advice on physical therapies, such as massage, chiropractics, acupuncture and something called Feldenkrais, which often includes the patient learning to correct their posture and do some breathing exercises.
A new study is proposed by the team behind this ground-breaking website. The research project which is headed by Rachael Dunne is hoped to significantly increase understanding of the emotional responses and clinical presentations of the injury. "Previous research conducted by the UQ Whiplash Research Unit has identified whiplash as a multifaceted condition, so we now want to take that knowledge to the next level", said Ms Dunne in an article on the new website. This is the most comprehensive online resource available world-wide and will undoubtedly prove invaluable to those suffering from the controversial and enigmatic neck injury.
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