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Non-surgical Stretch Mark Removal Options

Stretch marks have been a burden on people of all ages and sizes. It is an unwanted skin condition that most people try to hide or desperately remove. There are, however, a few techniques that can be used to fade their appearance or eventually eliminate the problem all together.
Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks
Laser treatments are a highly popular stretch mark removal alternative because they are outpatient interventions that have little or no recovery time involved and cost considerably less than a traditional tummy tuck. However, since laser treatments just reduce pigmentation but don't actually eliminate stretch marks, this option doesn't actually work.
Since the laser employed in these procedures responds to dark colors only, laser surgery is effective mostly in the early stages, when stretch marks are dark red or purple. When stretch marks have already faded, laser surgery won't be as effective as it intended to be. In the other hand, people with fair complexion and shallow lesions respond best to laser stretch mark removal.
Blue Light Therapy for Stretch Marks
Blue light therapy is probably most often known as a method to erase tattoos. Although that may be what it is best known for, blue light therapy was invented to treat a variety of pigmentation conditions, such as freckles and hyper pigmentation, varicose veins, spider veins and rosacea. Blue light treatment works by applying a photosensitive gel to the skin, and then a series of intense light bursts are emitted or 'zapped' over the patch with the tattoo or pigmentation. Similar to laser treatments, blue light treatment may be able to hide the appearance of stretch marks, but will not eliminate them.
Stretch Mark Chemical Peel
Skin peels are chemical peels that are applied to an area (usually the face) to chemically 'burn' then peel off the external layer of skin to treat acne, zits and fine lines. After a chemical peel the skin seems (and feels) like you've suffered sunburn. Chemical peels are being commonly used in spas, salons and can be acquired over the counter.
The prime reason for the extended fame of skin peels is that it provides instantaneous results making skin look younger, healthier, and firmer. Some folks are now using skin peels to reduce or get rid stretch marks, too. However, since the peels do not eliminate the actual stretch marks, more peels may need to be performed every six months or so to maintain the smoothness of the skin. Ideally, this procedure should be accompanied by skin care treatments to minimize irritation.
Exfoliation for Stretch Marks
Exfoliation is a procedure using a safe abrasive (ground apricot seeds or sand, for instance) that helps eliminate devitalized skin cells. The soft new skin that appears after exfoliation may improve the appearance of the skin. Similar to skin peels, exfoliation doesn't eliminate stretch marks, but may enhance their appearance for a period of time after therapy.
Creams and Ointments
A good skin care cream or ointment (such as scar serums) may help to reduce and fade the appearance of stretch marks, specially if used regularly for the first few months after baby is born. By keeping the skin moisturized and flexible, creams and skin serums can help the skin naturally heal the scarring made by stretch marks.
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