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Not The Right Time To Say Goodbye To Your Rims

If only you could park your car or your sport utility vehicle right inside your home, you would have done so. After all, it is not that easy right now to purchase replacement Cadillac parts for your vehicle. There might be cheap ones out there however you are just not so sure about the quality that these have. But there is no need to worry for you are not the only person who fears for the safety of their vehicleâ€s parts.
The rims of your wheels are actually one of the most sought after items by thieves. And if you do have really good looking rims, you might find them gone even if you might have turned your back on your car for just a couple of minutes. And to solve this thieving problem, Powerlock International Corporation has come up with an innovative device that would sure keep the rims of your vehicle right where you left them.
This new device actually is the very first of its kind. It has been created and marketed as a wireless and electronic security system. And what it does is it locks the wheels of your vehicle. The whole device actually comes with a key that they call the Wheel Safe. It is just small enough that you can hook it to your key chain if you choose to. And if you choose to lock your wheels and your rims, the key would serve as your remote control. It will then send a signal to the system in your vehicle so much so that it locks the wheels, rims, and the tires. Tried and tested, this new device actually could prevent any thefts that could be done even by the most skilled of all robbers.
"Rim theft is a major problem. People are getting killed. Terrorist groups are getting funded from the illegal profits. The custom rim marketplace is still growing strong. We felt the urgent need to be the first to market with this very important product that protects one of the fastest growing industries in our country," says Rick Fass, the current president of Powerlock.
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