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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is becoming one of the greatest challenges that we may face. At some point of time it may affect us in one way or the other, whether it may be a friend or a family member or even our self. Nursing home abuse is becoming far too prevalent in an industry that is supposed to care for our loved ones. The result of this can lead the people to revolt against atrocious actions ranging from physical, sexual and emotional abuse to death due to negligence of medical practitioners.
The problem of nursing home abuse has been brought forward few years ago. It has received extremely high amount of media coverage. Legislators, families, and advocate groups have been shocked by the first reports of the nursing home abuse since it came to light. Lately these groups have realized how vast the problem of nursing home abuse is. As a matter of fact it's even more surprising to know that the incidents of nursing home abuse generally go unreported.
The laws implemented, so far, to tackle the problems related to nursing home abuse were not strong enough to prevent offenders from being re-appointed in nursing homes. This has resulted in re-occurrence of abuse cases. Moreover these instances of occurrence or re-occurrence were not brought to the direct notice of the law enforcement agency. As a result the residents or the patients were left with no option other than to rely on the nursing home to properly implement the law or to amend it at their terms.
The local nursing home facilities are not always able to appoint the quality staff. So the issues and laws on nursing home abuse are generally overlooked. The new laws that are proposed focus on 'an overlap in responsibility' so that not just one group will have to carry sole responsibility for ensuring nursing homes provide an expected level of care but until the laws on nursing home abuse change in the area, it will be difficult to prevent the abuse from re-occurring. Prior to appointing the staff it should be mandatory to run a background check to eliminate the chance if any incident by repeat offenders and penalizing the inappropriate staff. Until laws are enforces in realistic way, the family members, communities, and lawmakers must work in the direction to improve the way our nursing homes cares for our elders.
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