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Office Peripherals And The Printer

There are many appliances and electrical pieces of equipment used in an office. Typically attached to a network or a computer, each piece allows the outputting of information of some form or another. The printer, a long standing member of the office equipment circle, has served for a very long time as a source of hard copy media or information.
The printing press was one of the first forms of printing. Before the invention of a machine to reproduce texts and books and scrolls, people had to take this task on. Often, it was a religious order that undertook the task of writing by hand tomes that needed to be copied. The bible was one of the first books to be published on a grand scale. However, there were forms of printing prior to the creation of actual books.
As well as printers, an office may contain several other pieces of equipment. Even a small or new business will have a fax machine, a paper shredder and a photocopier capable of collating larger documents, stapling and sorting. Any or all of these may be connected to a single computer. They may also be part of a bigger network, allowing more than one user to send jobs to each piece.
Individual pieces of equipment in an office are called peripherals. A peripheral like a printer produces a hard copy of information in the form of permanently readable text or graphics. Electronic information is sent to the peripheral and comes out as a photocopy or a transparency.
Printers are typically used for low volume short turn around print jobs. They receive their information from a cable attached to a computer, from a network connection, or even from a USB port. Usually with this type of machine there is no set up time required to achieve a hard copy of a document. However, it should not be expected to go faster than thirty printed copies a minute.
For bigger print jobs, the printing industry still relies on the printing press. This is what is used in more professional publishing situations. A printer is ideal for desktop publishing, where many promotional documents need to be printed out. They are good for point of sale displays, trade show exhibits and small outdoor signs.
Despite the growing use of small offices for bigger print jobs, printers remain valuable items in a company's copy room. Many machines take the jobs of other peripherals and combine them, such as the three in one scanner, fax machine and photocopier that easily doubles when required. They continue to provide small businesses with exactly the right type of print quality they need, leaving the larger jobs to printing presses and outside contracts.
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