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Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

Discoloration of the teeth occurs naturally as a side effect of the aging process however, products such as coffee, tea or soda that contains caffeine, cigarettes that contain nicotine as well as many other foods items can stain your teeth when consumed in a regular manner over a period of time. Opalescence teeth whitening system can help you regain your brilliant sparkling smile in no time at all starting from as little of $40.00. The most popular Opalescence teeth whitening procedure is the one administered through the syringe directly to the teeth; each syringe contains 1.2ml of carbamide peroxide gel that can be used from daily for as less as 30 minutes to maximum of an hour a day depending on the stains you are trying to remove. An opalescence teeth whitening system is not recommended for overnight use.
The Opalescence teeth whitening syringes come in two different concentrations: 20% and 35% bleach, the first version can be used twice daily for 30 minutes each while the later can be used of a maximum of 30 minutes a day.
Other Opalescence Teeth Whitening Systems
The other way to use the power of Opalescence Teeth Whitening formula to work for you is to use daily the toothpaste put on the market by the company; brush your teeth twice daily however, don't forget to rinse thoroughly, especially at night when the bleach has at least a few hours to penetrate your skin and gums if not rinsed out, which can cause your mouth cheek skin to peel.
Helpful Tips
Using Opalescence products regularly will help you get your teeth white and maintain them that way for as long as you use them; you also need to floss in order to ensure that all food particles are removed from the teeth cavities as the brush alone cannot remove the always.
Rinse your mouth with a mouth wash, after every meal if you cannot brush your teeth however, remember to brush your teeth before bed as the night is the longest period of time in which food particles can decay and form cavities if not clean out.
Opalescence teeth whitening systems can be found in all leading drug and department stores however the syringes need to be purchased in pharmacies and administered by qualified dentists. Get quick results from the professional formula Opalescence products offer and enjoy a bright smile again and bargain prices everyone can afford.
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