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Organic Search Engine Optimization - Why Not?

Organic search engine optimization involves the application of a set of techniques and practices to make a website appear in the first page results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.
Organic search engine optimization brings you several benefits and the most important of them is free, targeted traffic to your website through search engines. Expert SEO promotion can help your website achieve high position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
Expert SEO promotion utilizes several techniques like building content rich website, facilitating better user experience with easy to navigate website design, build links the site from relevant pages of other websites, directory submission, article marketing, blog promotion, etc.
Organic search engine optimization is not a one-time affair. Constant monitoring is required to keep your website at the top of SERP and to ensure you are ahead of your competition. Daily traffic analysis, analysis of SERP positioning of the website for specific keywords and analysis of competition play important roles in planning specific strategies and practices to ensure top search engine positions.
The alternative to organic search engine optimization is search engine advertising, where you buy clicks from the search engines for a price. In this case, your website will be listed separately as 'sponsored results' and cost you money for each click on your links. Organic search engine optimization doesn't require you to pay any money, even if you get hundreds or thousands of visitors a day. This is the advantage of organic search engine optimization, where the search engines compete to send you traffic, provided your website is relevant to the search query invoked by the search engine user.
SEO promotion experts analyze in detail how websites are ranked by different search engines.
The most favorable conditions for organic search engine optimization are listed below.
- An easy to navigate website, where each page of your website is reachable in one or two clicks
- Anchor text (text in the links). This is applicable to both inbound links from other websites and interlinking of pages within a website.
- Rich text content
- Inbound links from highly ranked, relevant websites
- Stable URLs (that is URLs without session ids, especially applicable for ecommerce sites)
- Clutter-free HTML/code, with predictable hierarchy of page elements using header tags
Keyword research is another area that requires elaborate brainstorming. In fact organic search engine optimization starts with keyword research, as the first step before registering for a domain name and before starting the initial design stages of a website.
Expert SEO promotion involves the use of professional keyword research tools that give juicy details about popular keywords that people use to find websites in different industries. Knowing the popular keywords and aiming for achievable targets help in better organic search engine optimization.
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