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Play Safe

In the last couple of years use of social media has increased at a lightning speed. It is really impressive how these social media sites are attracting users, for an instance if facebook were a country it would have been world's third most populous country and now twitter is taking charge in the world of social media. This also increases the underline safety concerns of these social media sites.
Facebook has always been the center of talks about safety of personal information, it has been complained that Mark Zukerberg, founder and CEO of facebook is using personal information of users to read their post. Incidence like these really increase fear of using social media. Few month ago I read one news that US marines are banned from using social media websites like twitter, facebook and myspace. According to the US marine these sites increase risk of sensitive information leaking out to adversaries.
The natural reaction after reading this news was if these sites are not secure for military personnel than how safe they are for civilian like me ?? One may choose not to use these sites at all but in the world of web 3.0 no one wants to be left alone so obviously not using at all is not a solution. The only way to be "Secure" is to be "Alert". One should not reveal very personal information which are not required for using these websites like year of your birth because there have been incidence of identity theft using information from social networking sites. If anything according to you is very critical then you should not share with everyone on the social networking sites.
One must be aware of typical privacy settings provided by the social networking sites, for example facebook gives you lot of options in the privacy settings but understanding these settings for normal user can be very tricky. There are websites which educate you about the privacy setting of any networking sites. Another point to consider, your information should be consistent on any profile of your networking site and you should not include your financial information on the social sites.
Social media is a great innovation we have witnessed in the last decade and it can be very beneficial for users as well as for organizations but some amount of cautiousness is needed to enjoy the real fruit of social media.
By Arthur on Aug 08
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