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Poor Credit Mortgage Leads, To Avoid or Not To Avoid

These days with the mortgage industry being the way it is, mortgage brokers and loan officers may be finding it tougher and tougher to close deals for people with poor credit.
Although avoiding poor credit mortgage leads all together may not seem like such a bad idea these days for some loan officers, all may not be lost.
If you are willing to reconsider the purchasing of mortgage leads with poor credit, here are a few things to look for.
For starters, look for a mortgage lead company that allows for you to view your mortgage lead before you buy it.
Also, make sure the mortgage leads you buy are fresh mortgage leads. Avoid the recycled mortgage leads because the information will be dated and inaccurate.
Most mortgage lead companies have a comment section on their mortgage leads. The comment section allows for the consumer to get a little more specific so a loan officer such as yourself will have a better understanding of their needs.
By having the ability to view a mortgage lead in its entirety including a comment section, you will be able to get a good handle on the customer's situation, what their needs are and wether or not you believe you have the resources to help them.
For instance, if the customer lists their credit score in the comment section of the mortgage lead, you will have a very clear idea of what you will be working with and if you have lenders available to go to should you buy the mortgage lead.
If the customer posts a comment such as "In foreclosure, the bank is coming tomorrow, need help fast," You will know that it is too late to help this person and to avoid buying the mortgage lead.
In short, viewing a mortgage lead with a comment section can give you the best indication as to wether or not you have the resources available to you to help the person.
As you already know, the LTV plays a huge role when it comes to a financial institutions decision as to wether or not they will fund the loan.
So look for the mortgage leads where the customer has a lot of equity in their home. This will help soften the blow when it comes to poor credit, or at least help their chances of being approved.
Another thing you can do is expand your resources, seek out the wholesale lenders who will still consider working with poor credit.
I realize finding these lenders will be tough, but the more tools you have to work with and the more lenders you have relationships with, the more deals you will close.
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