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Possible DUI Penalties in Dallas

DUI, the acronym of Driving under the Influence has never been encouraged anywhere. The penalties for DUI vary with state to state and of course with the type of DUI case that has been charged. Dallas DUI laws are stringent as compare to the other state laws. Gravity of the offense comes under consideration here if serious injury occurred. Criminal record of the accused person is also taken into consideration while posing the sentence on him. Getting arrested for driving under the influence has become a regular episode in Dallas. So, to very few drivers it turns out to be their first DUI offence and that the main reason why you need Dallas DUI attorney to plead on your behalf. However, let's find what fate actually awaits these drunk drivers.
Hundreds of DUI laws have been passed since 1980. You might be surprised knowing the fact that the penalties for DUI in Dallas get increased almost everyday. Even penalties for the first offence are of no difference. The age of 21 has been adopted nationwide as the legal drinking age. Drivers caught impaired under this age group hardly get a mercy. Two third of the state have recently passed Administrative License Revocation law that allows traffic police officers to take the license of those drivers who refuse to give breathalyzer test. Officials can take their license on the spot and take them to the police custody. According to Texas DUI attorneys, in Dallas that the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit has been lowered from 0.10 to 0.08 percent.
Now if you consider the punishments, according to recent laws you may get arrested and kept under police custody for ten consecutive days where the alcohol screening, counseling and further treatments are given. However, penalties do not end here. You may have to give the huge fine charged for the Dallas DUI fund of $1475 or more. Dallas DUI lawyers are there to reduce the penalties and come to a considerable settlement going through a curse of plea bargain. They have the experience and knowledge on how to state the fact and challenge the DUI charges, in fact that is the quality for which they are being paid for. A Dallas DUI lawyer can only take you out of the police custody once you get arrested on bail. So it is always essential to have contact with a capable lawyer.
The worst thing is your driving license may get suspended for three months and the court may keep you on probation for even up to five years. This not only hampers your daily life but can also ruin your social stand significantly. A Texas DUI attorney can suggest ways to get your license back. For that you may have to go through an assessment interview followed by answering a set of questions which has been set to determine the extent of your drinking problem. You might also be asked to fill up a form of DUI school or assessment program. In fact, the government wants you to learn a lesion through the "punishments".
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