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Pregnancy Stretch Marks - How To Treat Deep Scars

One of the most amazing experiences of being a woman is giving birth. But you have to wonder what's so beautiful about have morning sickness, being bloated and having stretch marks! Now, there's no doubt that the bloating will pass or that the morning sickness will only last a few days, but the stretch marks? Now that's an entirely different story. Pregnancy stretch marks aren't easy to get rid of, as a matter of fact, they're quite impossible to remove!
Stretch marks have never been carried with pride, they're actually kept secret. To be honest the only time stretch marks seemed acceptable was during pregnancy, thus the name - pregnancy stretch marks.
What causes Stretch Marks
Stretch marks or pregnancy stretch marks affect 50-90% of all pregnant women - awe, pregnancy joys. However, as I had mentioned previously, stretch marks can also affect non-pregnant people such as body builders, athletes, or adolescents undergoing rapid growth spurts.
Normally stretch marks will appear on a woman's belly after the 6th month of pregnancy. The belly grows at a rapid rate not allowing the skin to keep up with the rate of expansion. When the skin is pushed too far, too fast it tends to "rip". This ripping is what creates the scar that is called "stretch mark". It's not easy to get rid of stretch marks because they are below the skin's surface, but there is treatment. However, your best line of defense is learning how to prevent stretch marks.
What you should do to get rid of stretch marks
Since a stretch mark is a fancy way of saying "under-the-skin-scar" then you're probably going to need a cream or skin treatment that can treat scars. However, because this type of scar is below the skin you need a product capable of boosting skin regeneration and allowing the body to heal itself.
Snail Serum treats Deep Scars
Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of scientific interest in discovering new ways to treat common skin problems. One such scientific study led to the discovery of a biological ingredient that was capable of regenerating human skin. The investigation discovered that snail serum was capable of stimulating fibroblast proliferation, and that it contained biological substances that signalled the body to regenerate collagen, elastin and glyco molecules, GAGs. These elements reduce inflammation and dissolve damaged skin cells while hydrating the skin from within.
GAGs are sugar chains that help regulate the physiological processes through their interactions with proteoglycans and with a wide assortment of proteins. This is promising to stretch mark prevention because as glycosaminoglycans decrease the skin becomes weak and results in loose, flaccid skin. In order to prevent stretch marks you need to keep your skin flexible and regenerated.
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