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Recharging Your Batteries: How to Stay Powered Up

Who hasnt experienced that moment of panic when your smartphone is about to die just when you need it most? Without our tech gadgets and that includes everything from iPods to gaming devices to the latest tablets most of us feel absolutely lost.
The problem has been finding a quality universal battery pack that works well at recharging the whole gamut.
And thats as convenient to use whether traveling or in your own stomping ground.
And, oh yes, one that looks good, too.
Enter Rayovac (www.rayovac.com), which has long been the go-to source for reliable batteries. Its stylishly designed, white Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack may be no bigger than a cell phone though not so small that it gets lost in a pocketbook or suitcase but its the complete and innovative solution that tech users have been waiting for.
With three hours of recharging via USB or outlet, the power pack is ready to give your gadgets an extra six hours of use. In fact, its 800-mAh internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery means its possible to charge an MP3 player, for example, three times on just one recharge of the power pack.
Whats more, its accompanying adapters are good for all Micro USB, Mini USB and Apple devices.
Think of it. No more cameras dying half-way into your hiking or camping adventures because of batteries that need resuscitating. Ditto dead iPods and e-readers on road trips and long flights.
And as for those dreaded missed calls be they business or personal frequent travelers will be especially glad to have packed the Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack, which is only available at Walmart, along as a travel buddy.
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