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Remote PC Repair at Your Fingertips

Lets take a poll: have you ever dropped your cell phone in the toilet? Perhaps it was a sink full of dishes, a bowl of soup or a puddle. Either way, youve probably done it, and youre not alone.
A study by TNS Global Research says more than 82.5 million mobile phones have been destroyed by water or moisture in the U.S. And most mobile phone warranties dont cover water damage similar to how homeowners insurance doesnt always include flood damage. Apparently, some phones dont enjoy the pool time and beach vacations as much as their owners.
Even knowing that high-tech electronics and water just dont mix, the demands of real life can still result in unexpected rainstorms, dropping the phone in a puddle or the kitchen sink, spilled water at the dinner table and clutzy bathroom moments. In fact, another survey by TNS concluded that four in every 10 people surveyed had already dropped their phone in water or spilled something on it at some point in their life which makes having an affordable oops-proof phone very handy.
Additional research revealed 70 percent of consumers believe water resistance is an important feature to have in their next phone. What a novel idea; other countries have enjoyed this crucial feature for years.
Thankfully, now you dont have to wait.
Enter the Kyocera Hydro, a sleek smartphone with a touchscreen, a camera and the latest Android operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich). Its oops-proof so you dont have to worry about downpours, running through the sprinklers or dropping it in puddles.
There are many water-resistant sprays on the market that say theyll protect your phone, but none can say it carries the widely recognized IPX certification for waterproof. Kyocera Hydro is IPX5 and IPX7 certified for sprayed water and water immersion in up to a meter for up to 30 minutes. After-market technologies are like spraying a fabric with ScotchGuard instead of using a fabric designed from the outset to be waterproof, like GoreTex used in hiking boots.
Kyocera Hydro is available without a contract, through Boost Mobile.
Save yourself the stress of frantically Googling how to dry a cell phone, digging out your hairdryer or stuffing socks full of rice, and go waterproof.
Learn more about the new waterproof smartphone at www.kyocera-wireless.com.
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