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Retin-A Helps To Manage A Young Look With A Healthy Skin

Studies shows that there are infact two types of aging- one intrinsic or internal where aging is caused by genes and the other extrinsic or external where aging is caused by environmental factors such as exposure to sunrays. Whatever be the causes, the signs of aging are characterised by the following factors:
- Fine wrinkles
- Thin and transparent skin
- Sagging of skins to shrinkage of bones
- Dry skin
- Loss of excessive fat which leads to hollow of cheeks and eye sockets as well as loss of firmness in necks and hands that is distinctly visible.
The face is the most exposed part of the body and easily vulnerable to all the above factors. It is also easily susceptible to rashes, acne, rosacea, various kinds of allergic reactions and injuries that may leave permanent blemish and scars. But thankfully, there are a number of non surgical treatments available for individuals who want to eliminate imperfections from their skin. One such skin treatment is Retin-A which come in either cream or gel form.
Retin-A is most effective in patients who want to combat aging and eliminate scars from their skin, especially the facial one. It is prescribed for both old and younger individuals. Doctors recommend Retin-A for patients who are thinking of a chemical peel treatment. It works by thinning the skin's outer layer, allowing the acid solution used in a peel treatment to penetrate the skin cells more deeply and evenly.
The initial application of Retin-A includes applying a small amount of medicine on the face after washing it with cold water or a mild moisturizer. It is suggested to apply Retin-A every night before going to bed. As Retin -A thins out the skin's outer layer, it is always advisable to use a sunscreen during daytime to protect the skin from ultraviolet light rays and discard other facial cosmetics.
Though the degree of changes differs from individual to individual, but continued usage of Retin-A results in subtle improvements in the texture of the skin. FDA trials suggest that to maintain the benefits of Retin-A, one can continue to use Retin-A for a lifetime.
Although no serious side effects are proved till now, but after treatment it is normal to experience temporary skin irritation and redness during the initial stage. If this happens consult a doctor for he may recommend for a milder formulation.
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