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Role of IPR Services in Corporate and Commercial Firms

In every country corporate law firms have played a vital role in handling various types of legal issues of corporate level. All these company law firms comprise a large team of different types of attorneys and lawyers that can handle various types of business issues. All these firms offer complete assistance and guidance to their domestic as well as international clients. India with variety of business opportunities houses number of well known and reputed company law firms that believe in providing world class service throughout the world. Services like copyright prosecution, patent registration, ipr law firms in india, trademark prosecution, patent application, patent attorney, trademark classifications, trademark infringement
In all these above services patent registration is one of the famous legal services of corporate world where government offers ownership in the form of legal document to the inventors for their unique creations and inventions. These inventions may be in the form of any product or services offered to the world market. But there is a condition with patent that the captioned invention must relate to a machine or substance produced by manufacture or articles or by the process of manufacture. The invention in respect of which the patent is claimed must be unique and do not match or copied from any other patent. Therefore, after clearing all the requisite criteria one can submit an application for patent registration.
Apart from patent registration, there are many other services which are mostly demanded by various business houses like trademark prosecution and copyright prosecution. In the corporate world prosecution is a part of filing reply to objections of the examiner. Trademark registration involves a registration of logo, design, words or phase. For trademark registration one needs three copies of TM-1, statutory fees of rupees two thousand five hundred through cheque, cash or demand draft and five copies of additional representation. If in case there is any mistake or objection arises by an examiner, then trademark prosecution is taken place. Trademark prosecution involves filing reply to any objections by the examiner or clarifying all the doubts of examiner and registrar effectively.
On other hand copyright prosecution is the process of claiming an unauthorized or prohibited use of works covered by copyright law. It generally takes place when there is violation of one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights. Here you also find number of prominent ipr law firms that deals in Intellectual property rights, the rights which are granted to labour, human mind, efforts and skills. All these ipr law firms comprises a team of special lawyers with main motive is to protect the work or efforts made by the minds of different human beings.. Therefore, it is recommended to every business house to get assistance from well known corporate law firms in order to get complete legal benefits.
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