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Safety Measures on Preventing Bike Accident Injury

The streets of Los Angeles are ideal place for bike enthusiasts to enjoy the beautiful views and coastline rides. The sad reality is that biking can be extremely dangerous.
The dangers of bike riding are very apparent. Its frame and physical make up alone will give you an idea of the harm a biker will suffer once he or she meets an accident.
Not to be hit must be a drivers' primordial consideration. This must also be primary goal of a biker as he or she is exposed to various risks.
Helmet and kneepads are the only protective gears that a biker can provide for himself or herself. However, these gears are no match for safety devices installed in other vehicles that are design for driver's maximum protection. For these reasons, bike accident injury often results.
Biker's Safety Precautions
Helmets are not enough protections for riders. They must do other safety measures to protect themselves fully.
- Be visible especially during the night
Get a headlight. Use front light if you are riding at night. Do this not only because it is required by law but also because you want other drivers to see you. Your bike must also be equipped with a daylight flashing light that can make you more visible to motorists during the day.
You can also wear a reflective vest or a safety triangle to increase visibility during the night.
- Get a loud horn
Honk whenever you see a vehicle approaching ahead, crossing to your left or right or before making any maneuvers. This will alert other drivers of your existence. Drivers of other huge vehicles may not see you.
- Slow down
Always slow down especially when approaching busy intersections. It is better to do so rather than being hit.
- Remain in the bike lane
Do not attempt to use other lanes. By doing so, it will increase our chance of being hit. Do not ride on the sidewalk or any other place if practicable.
- Ride to the left
Riding to the left will prevent you from being slammed into an open car door that is suddenly opened.
- Do not stop in the blind spot
Stopping at the right side of a vehicle instead of stopping behind will make you invisible to traffic on all sides. The driver of the car will surely see you if you are parked in front of him.
- Do not swerve in and out of the parking lane
Dipping in and out of the traffic will put you at risk for being nailed from behind. Ride a steady and straight line in the traffic lane.
- Use a mirror
A mirror installed in your bike will help you monitor traffic without constantly having to look behind you.
- Choose slow streets
Slow streets are often found by going through the neighborhoods. Slow streets will force the drivers to slow their cars too. By doing so, the more time the driver has to see you.
The above safety measures, if properly observed, will minimize bikers from sustaining injuries. Being hit should never be your option.
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