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Seeking Damages with Product Liability Claims Lawyers

Have you been harmed or injured in using any defective appliance or substandard equipment? Eaten food or taken medicines beyond consumption? These problems are better addressed with the assistance of a product liability claims lawyer.
A product liability claims lawyer is one who protects the consumers from any defective machinery and unsafe products such as food, tools, clothing, drugs and the likes. Products are considered defective because either they are not labeled or they do not contain sufficient instructions or warnings about their proper way of use, consumption or handling.
If injuries result from using or taking a product, you can very well pursue a case against the product's manufacturers and/or distributors. The merit of the case will depend greatly on the gravity of the injury – whether contributory negligence on the part of the victim exists, and the applicable laws.
The aggrieved parties may pursue following steps in dealing with defective products:
• Call a product liability claims lawyer who can make sure that all of the evidence needed is taken and preserved.
• Owner of the damaged or defective product must keep it in a safe place. Manufacturers and/or distributors can as well make an effort to secure proper evidences that will effectively repudiate any claims against them.
• If the defective product happens to be in the control or custody of another party or among the expected defendants, file an independent case for preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order.
• Collect background check regarding the product.
• Purchase a product similar to the defective or damaged for comparison.
Whether the injury or damage on the use of the product is ripe for litigation depends upon the sound advice of a qualified lawyer. If the damage or injury happened in Los Angeles, victims may cast their fears and doubts aside because the best and competent legal counsels are ready to assist them. These lawyers are equipped with proper knowledge and with sufficient resources to effectively evaluate and prove the product defects.
In this regard, it is of equal importance to know the three kinds of product liability claims, which may be used as basis for future litigation. These are:
• NEGLIGENCE – requires the establishment of the carelessness on the part of the manufacturers and/or distributors. This includes:
o negligence in the draw up or review plans of a product
o negligence in the maintenance of the machines
o failure to anticipate probable uses of the product
o failure to inspect or test the product adequately
o negligence in distributing the product without adequate warnings or instructions
o any other aspect of the manufacturing or distribution process where due care is wanting
• STRICT PRODUCT LIABILITY – The product must be "unreasonably dangerous", meaning that it has a design or manufacturing defect. Manufacturers and/or distributors are made liable without need of proving whether they know about the danger or not. This is to hold manufacturers accountable for developing unsafe products.
However, the victim has to prove that the product caused the injury or damage.
• BREACH OF WARRANTY – The victim must prove that the manufacturer or distributor breaks a written or implied promise about the product and such breach caused the injury.
With these in mind, victims of defective products can be aware of their legal rights and obligations.
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