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Sensitive Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Skin types are defined in very precise terms: dry skin does not have enough moisture, oily skin has too much oil, and combination skin is a combination of oily and dry skin. Although sometimes it's not so easy to recognize which is which. For example, some people can have normal dry skin while others can have very dry skin.
Sensitive, oily skin is one of those "mixed" types of skin that are difficult to treat. Especially because they are neither one nor the other. Let's take a look as some things you can do to deal with this problem.
Treat Sensitive Oily Skin
As with normal oily skin, people with sensitive oily skin are prone to acne and acne breakouts. However, traditional acne products that contain retinols (such as vitamin A) or salicylic acid can irritate sensitive oily skin. Instead of using products that contain these ingredients, make sure that you purchase products that contain Vitamin B.
In fact, for years it has been believed that there is a link between acne and Vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B2 deficiency leads to oilier skin, while Vitamin B5 deficiency produces coenzyme A deficiency which, in turn, leads to an increase in sebum production.
By incorporating meat products such as eggs and dairy into your diet, you can increase your Vitamin B intake. You can also incorporate flaxseed or flax oil since it is high in Vitamin B.
You can also drink plenty of water to help keep sensitive oily skin under control. Maintaining skin hydrated helps balance the levels of oil in your body and skin. Even slight dehydration can increase the production of sebum.
Skin Care Products and Sensitive Oily Skin
Sensitive facial skin can make it hard to find a wide range of products. So, once you've discovered a product that works for you, stick with it. Vitamin B and its derivatives (niacinamide, for examples) are not the only ingredients you should be on the lookout for.
Gentle cleansers may include products that contain tea tree oil. This ingredient is notorious for dealing with acne and is more gentle than benzoyl peroxide. Make sure to start slowly, though, as it can cause a bit of irritation.
Moisturizers and sensitive skin lotions that contain oatmeal or aloe vera are a great way of treating sensitive oily skin. Both of these ingredients are soothing, but make sure that the product is water-based so that it will absorb quickly.
Another thing to note is the alcohol and filler content of your sensitive skin products. Stay away from products that contain alcohol in the first five ingredients. These products will inevitably dry out and irritate your skin.
Basically, sensitive skin treatments don't have to contain a secret ingredient to work for sensitive oily skin. Just make sure that you find a product that can treat sebum production and acne as well.
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