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Share Your Favourite Images with Friends and Family

Photo sharing began over a hundred years ago with the first cameras, but copying pictures and sharing them was difficult due to the long production process. Modern photo sharing began in the mid to late 1990's using mainly websites from which you could produce and order your own digital photos. Due to the rise of better technology in the early 2000's, the process has become much more simplified so you can have the pictures stored permanently into accounts for personal use and sharing with others. On some of these photo sharing sites, you can make DVD's from your pictures.
There are two different types of these photo sharing websites: weblogs and web albums. In a weblog, you choose the pictures you want to upload and share, while in a web album all the pictures uploaded. You can also organize the photos and add captions and comments to them. Not only can you use your digital still or video cameras to upload photos, you can also use your cameraphone as well.
Two advantages of photo sharing online is that your friends can see the pictures immediately and they be organized into files to be found at a later date so that you can have the pictures produced if you want to.
The process of photo sharing is quite simple. You first need to start a weblog or join a web album community. Once you have joined, you then begin uploading the photos from your camera. This may take a couple of minutes depending on file size and computer speed. Once you have uploaded them from your various sources, you are then able to edit the pictures and organize them into sets. You can then post the album to the website and the sharing begins. If you wish, you can then create cards, DVD's, and other fun things with your uploaded pictures because they are stored forever.
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