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Skin Care - Getting that Healthy Glow

Let's face it, we're all jealous of those people who have naturally clear skin; skin that looks flawless even up close. For the rest of us (who make up the majority) this clear and flawless skin is only a dream. However, sometimes dreams do come true and you can turn your problematic skin into a personal point of pride.
Getting great looking skin really does start with your genetics, but since we aren't all born with the potential to have naturally radiant skin, we need to turn to professional skin care products to help us along the way; and when it comes to professional skin care products - there are hundreds to choose from. So what's going to work for you?
Sometimes we know exactly what type of skin we have and what products work best for us. People who suffer from chronic dry skin often find relief from one brand of moisturizer or another, but drinking more water will help to promote skin hydration from the inside out. Likewise, if you suffer from chronic oily skin, look for cleansers that reduce the surface oils without over drying and consider moisturizers that help control oil production and reduce excess shine. Also consider changing your diet to include more fruits and vegetables and less saturated fats.
Talk with your doctor, pharmacist or even drug store cosmetologist to determine what type of skin care regimen is right for you. Many people have combination skin, meaning they will have areas of skin that are excessively dry while other areas or excessively oily - there are specially designed cleansers and moisturizers that work well on creating an ideal balance in the skin.
The most common skin condition that affects both men and women young and old alike is acne. This type of skin problem has been around as long as humans have been roaming the globe and unfortunately modern day science is really no closer to eliminating the problem. Your genetics may have a role to play in acne, so the best thing to do to help control your acne is to adopt a cleansing routine that will help control excess oil in the skin and reduce surface bacteria. Using a facial and body wash scrub will also help exfoliate the skin, preventing pores from becoming plugged up and reducing the occurrence and severity of acne outbreaks.
Once you find the ideal skin care products for your skin type and a regular cleansing routine that works for you - stick to it. Acne may not be eliminated by cleansers and topical treatments alone, but adhering to a regular routine with the right products should help reduce the severity and duration of breakouts while leaving your skin looking healthy, radiant and glowing with pride.
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