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Skin Rash Rescue: Tips for Dealing with Extremely Dry Skin

People with dry skin have always known how difficult it is to treat. You have to be very careful with the skin product you use and how you treat it. But, things could be worse especially if you have very dry skin.
People with very dry or extremely dry skin have a subtype of dry skin that is characterized by tight and sensitive skin that does not respond well to traditional dry skin care products. This type of skin can lead to big problems if it is not treated properly.
However, by following a good skin care routine you can learn to live with very dry skin. This plan should include a skin rash rescue plan that can help you deal with allergic reactions that you may have to different situations and products. Your skin rash rescue regimen should also take into consideration certain lifestyle changes.
Getting Hold of the Right Skin Care Routine for Very Dry Skin
Normal dry skin can usually be treated with cream cleansers and creamy moisturizers. However, this is probably not sufficient for very dry skin. In this case, switch over to oils.
A great oil for treating very dry skin is olive oil. Simply massage a little bit of oil all over your face. Wait a few minutes so that you allow the oil penetrate the skin. Once you've done this, take a warm, moist washcloth and lay it on your skin. The washcloth will cool off and you will be able to remove the excess oil with ease. Finish off by applying your moisturizer.
If your normal moisturizer isn't doing the trick, then you can also use rose hip oil to help moisturize your skin. It absorbs quickly and treats dryness almost instantly. Reapply this product as often as your need to during the day (make sure to use sunblock if you plan on heading outside).
Including a sensitive skin balm in your daily skin routine is also a good idea. Look for products that contain aloe vera or licorice root, two ingredients that are known to alleviate irritation.
Changing some daily habits can also go a long way in reducing irritation and swelling. In fact, some changes are essential if you want to treat extremely dry skin effectively. If you maintain bad habits, you will only counteract the positive effects of your skin care products.
Dietary modifications are a good place to start. Reduce you intake of caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks or eliminate them all together. All of these products lead to dehydration, which will eventually lead to irritation and rashes.
Other lifestyle changes include: changing synthetic fabrics for natural fibers, using a humidifier, and drinking plenty of water. Keep in mind that consistency is the key in any given situation case. So if you plan on making short lived lifestyle changes, you'll never make definite ones.
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