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Skincare Overview: Things You Need To Know About Your Skin

People differ in a lot of things. They differ in their lifestyle and most naturally, they differ with their skin health. There are people who have too oily skin and there are people who have too dry skin. For you to know how to properly take care of your skin, you must take the time to look keenly into the details.
Getting To Know Your Skin
Skincare overview brings attention to the skin as the largest organ in the body. It works to protect the skeletal system, nerves, muscles, and vital organs within the body. It is composed of three layers:
1. Epidermis - the epidermis is the topmost layer of the skin that is easily exposed to the harsh elements of the environment. Its main function is to act as a barrier in order to preserve moisture, and nutrients within the body.
2. Dermis - the dermis is the second layer beneath the epidermis. Its main function is to provide oxygen and nutrients through the tiny vessels in our body. It removes waste products from the epidermis and contributes to skin color. Body temperature is also regulated through the dermis through control of blood flow and sweating.
3. Hypodermis - the hypodermis is the third and last layer of the skin. Consisting of adipose tissue, it is the storage site of most body fat, provides thermal insulation, and absorbs shock impacts to the skin.
Common Causes of Unhealthy Skin
In skincare overview, the sun is seen as the most common factor that can easily cause damage to your skin. The fact that you have to travel from your house going to work everyday exposes you to the harmful rays of the sun. you can protect yourself by regularly applying sunscreen lotion and using an umbrella.
Lack of Sleep
Sleep allows your skin to detoxify. Detoxification is a process where old cells are replaced with new ones. According to skincare overview, lack of sleep won't give your skin a chance to detoxify. This usually results to dull skin and dark circles around the eyes. Try to get as much as eight hours of sleep everyday to make up for unhealthy skin.
Stress is another factor in accumulating unhealthy skin. Skincare overview zeroed down on feelings of anger, fear, and sadness as the culprits for unhealthy skin. Skincare overview emphasizes that unless stress is reduced, regeneration of skin cells may be difficult. High levels of stress have been associated with early signs of skin aging. As much as possible, keep a positive outlook in life. Take a breather when you feel that certain things are closing you in. Do this to ensure you get healthier skin.
Another factor for unhealthy skin would be pollution. Skincare overview identifies industry smoke, fumes from vehicles, and dust as the leading causes of clogged pores. These further causes flecks, acne, blackheads, and pimples resulting into dull skin. Since this cannot be easily avoided, skincare overview suggests that you can do well by washing your face with mild soap and water every chance you get especially if you've just been through a really polluted area.
Key Ingredients for Skin Care
Sulfur as MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
One of the key nutrient emphasized by skincare overview that is used in maintaining normal keratin levels in hair, skin, and nails is sulfur. It is a naturally grown organic compound that helps to make cell walls permeable, increase blood circulation, and regulate production of insulin.
Vitamin E
Skincare overview also recognizes vitamin E as an antioxidant that rids cells of pollution, ultra-violet light, and other elements caused by production of free radicals within the body. Helps to reduce stretch marks, appearance of age spots, and maintains oil balance in the skin.
CoQ10, in skincare overview, contains powerful antioxidants responsible for maintaining a youthful glow in the skin. One form far superior than any other antioxidant is called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. This ingredient penetrates deep into the skin to rid skin of free radicals. It seeks to stimulate both collagen and elastin to prevent early signs of wrinkles and fine lines.
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