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Some Important Facts About Laser Hair Removal For Your Face

Laser hair removal is quite effective on the face, and, in the case of women, solves one major problem with unwanted facial hair.
Tweezing or waxing facial hair removes the hairs temporarily, but may stimulate them to grow in coarser when they do eventually recover from the treatment. Thus, such solutions may actually worsen the problem over time, despite providing short-term relief.
Laser hair removal, by contrast, is usually permanent, and clears away the offending hairs readily as long as they are dark-colored. Extremely fine, light facial hair such as that present on everyone's face will probably not be removed by the laser, but this hair is invisible most of the time and is usually not considered a problem. Laser facial hair removal for women is better than electrolysis because it is far less likely to leave small scars on the delicate skin of the face. A tiny scar on the back of a thigh will be unnoticeable, but one on an otherwise well-groomed face can stand out as unpleasantly as a rogue hair does.
Women should note that although laser hair removal is generally permanent, additional treatments may be necessary as they age. This is because hair follicles in the face tend to become 'activated' as part of the aging process, so those with a tendency for unwanted facial hair growth will probably experience it in the future as well, simply not from the same follicles. The laser treatment will work as effectively on these new arrivals as on the original problem hairs, however.
Laser treatment should never be used on the eyelashes, eyelids, or the area of the face directly under the eyebrow, however. Laser light destroys eye tissue easily, and a poor targeted flash could end up burning a permanent hole in the retina, leaving a small blind spot in the field of vision. For this reason, home laser users should not attempt to use their epilation laser on the hair between the eyebrows - a task best left to a professionally qualified esthetician.
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