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Stop Pimples - Stop Pimples From Spoiling Your Plans With These 5 Tips

Stop pimples from spoiling that hot date or your big presentation at work. Give these 5 quick and easy treatments a go to stop pimples quickly.
Don't squeeze it! You're not going to cure spots by giving them a squeeze, you could do more harm than could by spreading the bacteria further, even causing acne scars.
How to stop a pimple using natural oils. Apply Tee Tree Oil or Witch Hazel as soon as you feel a spot coming on. These are great for treating pimples as they have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help stop pimples in their tracks.
Use aspirin to stop a pimple. Break up a standard aspirin in a saucer and add a few drops of water. Then get a cotton bud and dip it in the mixture and treat pimples with it, applying it for about 15 seconds on each one. This is a great way to get rid of some of the redness of the spot.
Manuka Honey makes a great pimple treatment. Get some Manuka honey and dab a little bit on to a regular plaster, then wear the plaster on the spot whilst your sleep at night. This might sound like a strange tip for treating spots, but people will notice the pimple a lot less the next day.
Toothpaste's a great way to stop a pimple. Treat pimples with a small amount of toothpaste before bed. Toothpaste helps to clear pimples by drying the skin up overnight, so they are less visible. But make sure you don't dry out too much of the surrounding skin.
Any of these simple tips should help you stop pimples fast, however, your acne and pimples might be a sign that your whole body has health issues. You might be able to stop a pimple with these tips, but if you're getting a lot of them, making your body healthier as a whole might be a better way to stop acne for good.
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