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Stress and Hair Fall

Stress is experienced by all of us at some point of time in life. Students face the stress to perform and there is stress felt even while watching a soccer match. Sometimes stress is positive, in the sense it actually makes us perform better. But excessive stress in its early stage is related to skin rashes and sudden hair fall.
Actually the problem of hair fall is a trigger of various imbalances for e.g. inadequate nutrition, sleeplessness and excessive worrying nature. This is the main cause of stress and needs to be corrected. Often we relate hair fall to the new hair color or irregular hair washing schedules. Hair takes the onslaught of stress and most of us do not realize hair thinning till it reaches a noticeable stage.
Alopecia which is a clinical term for hair loss does a lot to lower the morale of a person. The hair is usually lost in patches that are similar to the male pattern of balding and many times the follicles are difficult to be rejuvenated. Stress is also felt by the new mother who is constantly juggling between sleepless nights and lot of workload. Though lactating mothers relate hair fall to hormones stress aggravates the problem.
Visiting a trichologist is advisable for a proper procedure that can be corrected but again one needs to change the attitude towards relating to stress. Life is full of opportunities that bring challenges. It is also required to take time to smell the flowers or go for a short weekend break. The ideal way is to combine a proper diet program as per the lifestyle and start with yoga or other exercises.
Hair massage with essential oils is prescribed by aromatherapy. There are effective remedies to dandruff too which compounds with stress. It is also possible to feel the tangible results of new hair growth once you have lowered your stress. In case you run on a tight schedule it is better to select meditation or brisk morning walks that can start as a fifteen minute regime.
Hair is one property that is cosmetic yet necessary for boosting self confidence. Hair care is incomplete if stress is not dealt in the right manner. Though we cannot change situations and stressful circumstances appear often, it is important to combat stress with alternative health programs.
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