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Sweat Overload? Replenish Your Essential Minerals

Most adults know daily cardio is great for burning fat and reducing stress, but you may not know that a rise in sweat output can cause an increase in your loss of essential minerals, such as magnesium.*
People drink water after they exercise to rehydrate, but individuals need to replenish more than just H2O. Mineral loss through the excretion of sweat and urine is increased during prolonged exercise. Due to how much they sweat, its crucial for endurance athletes with low magnesium intakes to replenish their magnesium levels [www.slowmag.com].*
Endurance athletes sweat at a rate of one to one-and-a-half liters per hour. They also have greater risk for magnesium imbalance because of a high excretion rate and the length of their training sessions. For example, in 70 degree weather, the average loss of magnesium via sweat during a 40 minute-run is over seven milligrams.*
Magnesium is necessary for many different reasons, especially energy and endurance needs. It activates enzymes known as ATPases, which are needed to transfer and release energy for muscle contractions.* During exercise, adequate levels of magnesium, maintained by a healthy diet and a daily supplement such as Slow-Mag Tablets, can really come in handy.
This process is what produces the energy source needed to exercise efficiently. Low levels of magnesium may be associated with limited energy efficiency, reduced metabolic efficiency and increased oxygen consumption and heart rate during aerobic activity.*
Studies have shown a relationship between sweat magnesium loss and muscle cramps.* An astounding 7 out of 10 Americans dont get enough magnesium from their diet.* The amount of magnesium you need each day is based on your age, sex and other factors.
Since magnesium functions in many processes necessary for exercise performance, it is important for athletes to have adequate magnesium levels. To help figure out if youre meeting the daily requirement, use the magnesium calculator at www.slowmag.com.
How much magnesium are you getting each day? Learn how you can supplement what youre missing. Plus, there are articles and videos on why magnesium is necessary and how to get more of itall available online.
* References are available at the Slow-Mag website: http://www.slowmag.com/pdf/Physical_Activity_Increases_Loss_of_Mineral.pdf
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