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Targeting Obesity With Chiropractic Care

Youd think that with the thousands of weight-loss products and treatments on the market today, more than 140 million Americans age 20 and over wouldnt officially be considered overweight or obese. Wellness and fitness expert Shea Vaughn says there may be an overlooked solution that could provide help for those struggling with their weight.
We know chiropractic care helps patients with many physical ailments, says Vaughn, but it also represents a proactive approach in helping to relieve stress. And research shows hormones are released that increase appetite and that our bodies may process food differently when were under stress.
As the much-praised creator of SheaNetics a holistic lifestyle practice blending the best of Western and Eastern practices Vaughn believes chiropractic treatments are key to both body fitness and overall wellness. She personally visits a chiropractor to keep herself in balance.
Along with adjustments, she explains, we can also counsel patients on their diets what to emphasize, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans. And, of course, what to reduce like processed foods, sugar, soda and fats.
As a nation, were in a fight against obesity, and chiropractic care could be the weapon that helps combat the battle of the bulge. For more information, visit www.yes2chiropractic.org.
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