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The Art and Science of Hair Transplants

Doctors who perform hair transplants are finally getting their props! There was a time when performing hair transplant surgery was associated with unattractive hair plugs, telltale scars and botched hair transplants and rip-offs were more the norm. But not anymore!
The technology surrounding hair transplants has grown so precise that the newest hair transplant surgery is done under a microscope, called Follicular Unit Extraction where each hair follicle is removed and replaced one by one. And the newest way to avoid scarring when using a strip incision method was a surgical technique called a Trichophytic Closure which is a way of minimizing scars performed by trimming the edge of a line scar closure so that hair actually grows through the scar. In fact when hair follicles are taken one by one, the artistry involved in creating a natural-looking hairline becomes the hallmark of success of a hair transplant surgery.
Just take the case of Desiree, a 34-year-old performer who had lost the hair around her hairline from the way she wore her hair in dreadlocks for almost her entire adult life. She started noticing the fall-out as the dreads grew longer and heavier, now around her waist. And she also saw the telltale pimples that were her hair follicles screaming for help! She knew she'd have to make a change but the last thing she was thinking was that her search for help would lead her to hair transplants. First, things first, she went to see her hairstylist, a friend she'd known for years but whom she hadn't used her services because who needs a hairstylist when you have dreadlocks? She tried to help by removing the dreads entirely and by creating a new, naturally curly hairstyle for Desiree. But she emphasized that she couldn't guarantee the problem would resolve itself and sent her directly to a dermatologist to find out whether the one inch of hair loss she suffered all around her hairline was permanent or not.
Desiree went to the dermatologist who prescribed some cortisone injections and creams to relieve the swelling and inflammation where her hair was pulling, an antibiotic for the pimples so they wouldn't get even more infected and some Minoxidil to try to regrow her hair, if those hair follicles weren't pulled literally to death. At that point, the dermatologist warned Desiree that hair transplant surgery might be in her future if she didn't respond to the hair regrowth therapy. After five months of the Rogaine Treatment, Desiree didn't see much hair regrowth and while she was enjoying her new look she was worried about how strange her face must look with her hair starting so far back, she started to get upset and even wore her head wrapped after a while.
The last time she visited the dermatologist, he said she should consider hair transplant surgery because she was a good candidate. The hair in the back of her head was still extremely healthy and full and because her skin was light and had resulted in no scarring from the original trauma and infections and because she was still young. "Hair transplants?" Desiree thought to herself, "Me?" she just didn't see how that would help her. After all, she wasn't some desperate, balding, middle-aged man.
But she had been reading about the procedure online after her dermatologist told her about it. What she read about hair transplants astounded her: Surgeons transplanted each hair follicle one by one in such a way could recreate any hairline shape exactly. That beside the medical skill, there was a great deal of artwork intrinsic to the procedure and that's what attracted her to hair transplants finally. She decided to look up the best doctor who specialized in hair transplant surgery for women that she could find in her state. She even looked for old pictures of herself before the hair loss (and she'd have to go back about 10 years) to see what her hairline even looked like. She had forgotten that she'd had a slight cowlick at her side part line - but with today's hair transplants she could get any hairline she wanted and she did!
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