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The Down and Dirty of Pampering Babies Bottoms

Youve been home from the hospital for a mere few months and are settling nicely into some semblance of a routine when you spy red sores on your babys bottom. Dont worry. Your baby probably has a simple case of diaper rash.
Every year, just over 4 million babies are born in the U.S., and each baby will go through about 7,000 diapers before they graduate to training pants. To that point, a baby is bound to get a rash or two, leaving them fussy and parents feeling helpless.
The causes of diaper rash vary from too much moisture on a babys delicate skin to chafing. Other reasons may be an allergic reaction to certain antibiotics or even a yeast infection.
The good news is there is a plethora of information for new parents on how to deal with the troublesome sores and how to treat them if they occur.
The following dos and donts should help baby stay rash-free:
Do change a diaper often. Babies who arent changed right away have more potential to develop a rash. Remind others who might be caring for baby to do the same.
Do give babys bottom a time out. Letting your babys tender tush air dry is an excellent way to prevent a rash from occurring. Barring that, ensure that babys bottom is dry after each changingand pat, dont rub.
Dont fasten diapers too tight. Besides the chafing that can occur from a too-tight diaper, air flow is also constricted, causing a moist area to become vulnerable.
Do use ointments regularly. Ointment acts to prevent skin irritation, especially if your little one is predisposed to getting rashes. Doctors and pharmacists often recommend Dr. Smiths Diaper Rash Ointment, which contains zinc oxidean essential element in combating the offensive sores. Spread a generous amount onto the affected area during every diaper change.
The late Dr. Smith listened to mothers concerns about creams and prescriptions that werent working for their children, and he worked to make something more effective, says Neill Walsdorf, Jr., of Mission Pharmacal . He produced something that we can all feel good about.
A last word of advice: There is a current trend among moms to use cloth diapers. If this is you, pre-soak dirty diapers, use hot water and mild detergents and skip fabric softeners and dryer sheets with fragrance. If youre concerned about rashes, double rinse the diapers.
For more tips about treating diaper rash or to find local retailers that carry Dr. Smiths, visit DoctorSmiths.com. Additionally, learn more about Mission Pharmacal at MissionPharmacal.com.
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