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The Pool Boys Comedy Highlights Difficulty of Paying for College

College tuition rates have been on an upward climb since the late 1980s, but neither average income nor the amount of financial aid available is able to keep up. As a result, lower- and middle-class families are having a tougher time forking out the cash for tuition.
The increasing disparity between income levels and the price of higher learning has led to incredible amounts of student debt. Families are encouraging students to look at two-year degrees and community colleges to cut costs. According to the Department of Education, enrollment in two-year colleges has risen over the past decade, while enrollment in four-year institutions has dropped.
Soaring tuition rates and massive student debt are attracting much discussion in the public forum. While the film industry loves college movies, it hasnt really broached this somewhat tender subject until now. From the makers of American Pie comes a new adult-rated comedy called The Pool Boys.
In a desperate attempt to earn a scholarship to pay for his elite Harvard education, one character (Brett Davern) joins his drop-out, pool boy cousin (Matthew Lillard) to start an escort service. An exquisite mansion happens to fall into their hands as the owners leave for vacation, and the pair find the perfect location to create an upscale brothel. Rachelle Lefevre and Efren Ramirez turn up the fun as unexpected twists turn the party from mild to wild.
Complete with dominatrices, scantily clad escorts and cameos from Tom Arnold, The Pool Boys is a recipe for fun-filled adventure. The smart comedy explores the lengths people will travel to pay for college in a world where financial aid packages have been cut despite skyrocketing tuition. Daverns character must become a pimp and exploit women to afford his Ivy League degree so he can mature into a responsible, contributing adult. The irony is certainly not lost, in fact its potently rich.
The film premieres Sept. 30 and will nudge the issue of climbing tuition rates onto the national agenda even more. Employers are demanding post-secondary education, but since many middle class individuals cant afford college rates, unemployment numbers remain dangerously high. Thankfully, the escort service never goes out of business. Check out a new trailer for The Pool Boys at www.ThePoolBoysMovie.com.
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