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The Wealth Of Preparation for Job Interviews

It is amazing that most future employees feel that during a job interview that they are on stage. That is they are trying to project the image to the future employer in order that they should receive a job offer and ultimately be hired by the firm.
Have you ever thought of the reverse? Here you are willing to devote many years of service to an organization and perhaps they are the ones who should be examined.
Not that you should antagonize and harass the interviewer but rather you should prepare and demonstrate your concern, research skills and thorough overall nature of any project you involve yourself with.
Are these not the skills and attributes that good employers are endlessly searching for in the job selection process rather than corporate interview "Parlor Games "?
What questions should you ask and how should you prepare for these important events?
Firstly if you have not been able to find out previously ask if the firm is privately owned, a government agency or a non profit organization? You would be amazed at how often this issue is muddled or even hidden. Does the organization have main goals and purpose defined? What are the major products or services? Are there upcoming products or changes in the pipeline of goods and services?
It never hurts to ask what skills, education, experience and knowledge are required to qualify by the position so that you can better hone your approach. Similarly what personal qualities and traits are best desired for the job? Does the jobs involve defined duties or is the job description and duties in a state of flux or perhaps even worse not defined until into the fire.
There are two differing views on asking about money and salary. Some think it is crash and insulting. Yet others insist that if you do not ask about salary and bonuses you are showing that you are not a practical person and in the end are not really serious about the job. As they say it is your choice depending on how you read the tea leaves so to speak. Remember that it is you who will pay the price. You may be giving up a good position to come to this new job and at the worst you will invest substantial time and energy. It is best to remember that when you make a value judgment whether to ask or no ask about salary, benefits and job position bonus values.
Lastly look to the concern that the employer places on employee values and welfare. Does the firm really have sincere concerns regarding the personal and career growth of their employees? Look for emphasis on training, industry contacts, on the job and outsourced training and education that are practical and purposeful rather than a sugar coated approach that is only done for appearances and presentation effects after the horse has bolted so to speak from the corporate barn.
Lastly and most importantly it should be stated and emphasized that if the employer or employee who is conducting the interview takes exception to these basic employee questions you should be grateful.
You have saved yourself a lot of grief and wasted time and energy.
It can said by example that if the gal or guy on the date is a horror show it is not a good idea to marry that person.
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