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Tooth Whitening Product Review - Find The One That's Right For You

Tooth whitening continues to be a growth market, as we age and are teeth need to restore to their bright and clean youthful appearance. The market for tooth whiteners has actually grown 25% a year and is now worth over $600 million! The reason for this is that as we age our teeth naturally becomes stained and yellowed from use.
A quick tooth whitening product review will show that there are three basic types of teeth whitening methods.
The first, and most expensive, and arguably the most effective is a visit to the professional dental practice for laser or specialized teeth bleaching procedure. The cost of these dental procedures is much higher than any do it yourself option. Still, you can be assured that you will receive not only a brighter whiter smile, but also good dental care. You should always consider having your teeth examined before starting any tooth whitening treatments. The reason for this is that the chemicals used to bleached tooth enamel can be painful, if used on the decayed or damage teeth
If you're interested in doing it at home however, there are many products on the market that do an effective job with most stains and yellowing. Most reputable tooth whitening product reviews suggest that home teeth whitening kits are a good way to get a bright and white smile and restore your teeth to their youthful beauty. Many of the different tooth whitening products available come with a long list of testimonials offered by satisfied customers.
Although you cannot fully trust testimonials, the fact that many people have written in is an indication of customer satisfaction. Remember doing tooth whitening at home and involves more time and patience than at the dentist office. So as you go through tooth whitening product reviews, remember that there's a trade-off between speed and cost. If you want fast, the professional tooth whitening offerings can dramatically whiten your teeth in only one visit. Home tooth whitening products regardless of the review will take at least one week and probably two to achieve similar results.
Evaluating the Evaluations
A tooth whitening product review should provide basic information on what the consumer should consider.
Things like:
Product ingredients: Care should be taken when you consider any teeth whitening system. Many kits seem to offer much more whitening gel and others. The reason for this may be that they've simply added more fillers to give the appearance of additional gel. These fillers only mean that you need more product to do the same amount of cleaning and whitening. It also means a bigger mess when doing a treatment.
Whitening gel strength: Many products claim that they have extra strength whitening gel. Although true, you must remember that the stronger the active whitening compound, the more aggressive it will be on your teeth. This means that although the product may whiten faster, you run the risk of your teeth becoming sensitive to temperature and damage to your gums.
Customer Service: the difference between dealing with a good company and a bad company becomes evident when something goes wrong. Big companies are interested in staying in contact with their customers and taking care of them within reason. Although many people today have abused the definition of customer service, most online businesses continue to be interested in you as a long-term customer. Any review should consider the ability of a consumer to connect with the company
Finally, there's a price and value. There's always a trade-off between speed and cost. Teeth whiteners are available in all prices in the market and only each of us as consumers can decide, which is the right mix of benefits and cost So no matter what tooth whitening product you select, it must the your needs. All the ratings in the world cannot make a good product fit your lifestyle or your ability to follow through with the directions
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