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Top 3 Reasons to Go to a Dodgers Game

If theres one thing native Los Angeles residents and city transplants can agree on, its that the LA Dodgers are one of the most exciting teams in baseball.

Theres something about the team that just screams Los Angeles, and scoring a pair of Dodgers tickets should be considered a rite of passage. If youre going to be in LA anytime soon you need to make time to see at least one game.

How many other teams can claim that theyve won 6 World Series and 21 National League Pennants? How many MLB leagues can say theyve produced 17 Rookies of the Year?

The Dodgers are legends, and youre going to be racing to get Dodgers tickets once you learn the top 3 reasons why you have to see them play.

The Dodgers are a team with history

If youre a sports history enthusiast, youre going to love the Dodgers. They have one of the most interesting histories out all of the teams in MLB.

Theyve been the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1958, but they started out as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1883.

Back when they were in Brooklyn they employed the MLBs first African-American player Jackie Robinson in 1947. Major League greats like Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale both called the Dodgers home.

The Dodgers also have one of the oldest rivalries in baseball history.

Back when they were in Brooklyn, the Dodgers started a rivalry with the San Francisco Giants (back when they were also in New York). Their animosity dates back to the 19th century and is still going on strong today.

Some of the best celebrities have Dodgers tickets

When your team is based in Los Angeles youre bound to have a few celebrity followers.

Some people like to say that New York teams have the biggest star-studded fan base, but the LA Dodgers could easily give NYC a run for its money.

The Dodgers have no shortage of celebrity fans, and as time goes on more stars have shown people that they bleed blue

Bryan Cranston has been a lifelong Dodgers fan and claims that Vin Scully and Sandy Koufax were his childhood idols. Danny Devito loves the Dodgers, and is even friends with Nick Punto.

Dodgers Stadium is awesome

Do you know what nearly every baseball fan wants to see at least once in their lifetime? Dodgers Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the United States, and the grass and seats have seen a lot of incredible plays and people.

Dodgers Stadium is so important and massive that in 2009 it became the first sports venue to be given their own zip code.

One of the biggest events at the stadium wasnt attended by people with Dodgers tickets. Dodgers Stadium is so large that it was picked as a venue for worshipers to go when Pope John Paul II came to the city in 1987.

Bonus: The food is amazing

You can put away the peanuts and cracker jacks when youre seeing a game at Dodgers Stadium. Grilled Dodgers Dogs are beyond delicious, and are so good that some people are more than happy to get Dodgers tickets so they can eat them.

Eager to try a Dodgers Dog? You can find them behind home plate on each level of the stadium.

Your home run

It seems like every Dodgers fan has one story about an unforgettable game. We want to hear about yours! Tell us about your favorite Dodgers story in the comments.

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