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Wall-Hung Boiler Cuts Home Energy Costs

Wall-hung boilers are here to stay in North America. The reason is simple: appliances, like a wall-hung boiler, are often cutting home heating and hot water bills in half, while freeing up valuable living space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
More North Americans are becoming believers in a home heating and domestic hot water production system that Europeans have been enjoying for more than four decades. A green, environmentally friendly product, such as the Baxi Luna, is so safe and quiet that it is often installed in the back of a large closet, even in the master bedroom.
A high-efficiency Baxi condensing boiler, for instance, dramatically cuts domestic utility energy consumption and costs, while also producing 3.9 gallons of domestic hot water per minute.
In a Buffalo, Minn., installation, a hydronic specialist achieved 98.9 percent energy efficiency in an in-floor radiant heating application for a 3,100-square-foot home. The unit also heats 900 square feet of garage space, in total using just 60,000 BTU/hr of heating output.
A Baxi Luna boiler can be used with any type of air handler, wall or baseboard radiator or in-floor radiant heating system. It is a popular choice for custom radiant heating applications, such as snow melt and heated towel racks.
Baxi wall-hung boilers are Energy Star certified for energy efficiency, H-Stamp rated for operating safety and fully approved by CSA. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management. More importantly, these low-carbon- and nitrous oxide-emitting appliances are fully assembled and factory tested for easy, reliable installation.
To protect its reputation for attention to quality, safety and reliability, Baxi products are distributed only through authorized regional distributors to qualified heating and plumbing contractors. The wall-hung boiler carries a 10-year heat exchangers warranty, so long as it is installed and serviced by Baxi trained and certified heating and plumbing contractors, in which case the parts warranty is doubled to two years. Baxi certification is available to heating specialists through in-class and online CD-ROM training and manufacturers specifications testing via the Baxi Certified section of www.wallhungboilers.com.
To learn more about Baxi Luna and how you can beat rising energy costs and to request an introduction to the Baxi distributor or certified installers nearest you, visit www.wallhungboilers.com.
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