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What Are Some Of The Negative Effects Of Televisions?

I wonder if you could walk down your local high street and find someone who didn't have their own television or even televisions. In the modern world the television has become a staple of every single household in the developed world and in many cases many homes will have multiple TV's. They will have one in the kitchen, one in each bedroom, and then one really big one in the living room. Granted, there are certain positive benefits of having a TV but only when they are used in moderation. The way the world is going we spend more time watching TV after sleeping that we do anything else. Is this a slightly worrying thought?
One of the main negative effects that we have seen is the fact that a lot of countries are seeing their populations get fatter and fatter. This cannot only be attributed to the TV but certainly, it is a major player. People will now spend far too many hours each day sitting in front of their TV in their favorite chair watching their favorite TV shows and playing video games.
As a result of all of this we are seeing people become fatter because they refuse to get the right sorts of exercise and instead choose to spend half their free waking hours sat aimlessly in front of the box in their living rooms. Due to this people are getting more and more unhealthy and we are seeing a rise in fat related illnesses.
As well as all of this kids are growing up thinking that the TV is the only real source of entertainment that they have. Many will refuse to go outside and engage in some good old fashioned fun in case they might miss their favorite cartoons. This is such a disappointing thing to see as it really must be down to the parents to limit this time spend sitting and watching.
Not only is this so that they don't grow up with the same health issues, but also because of the fact that watching too much TV can actually have a detrimental effect on your eyesight and will, in many cases, lead to things like migraines.
Instead of this, we should all be out there realising our potential and our dreams. Instead of watching other peoples lives played out on some reality TV show we should be living ours.
These are a few of the main negative aspects of television.
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