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What Customers For My Business Are On MySpace

MySpace is probably the largest social networking site on the entire planet. Over 300 million users and membership is growing by several hundred thousand each and every day. A lot of third party developers have created some great specialized tools to help make MySpace easier for you.. these tools can save you a lot of time but which tool should you use?
The most basic function on MySpace is the ability to invite friends to be your friends. MySpace will allow you to request 50 friends per day without having to bypass CAPTCHA. A good friend adder can be just one of those sites that allow you too add 1,000's of friends at a time.
I just tried to use the profile updater on MySpace the other day. All I wanted to do was use it to add my graduating high school information. I tried doing this on MySpace 4 times and each time after clicking on save and update I would then click on home and I would see that my main page of my profile was still asking me to add my high school information. How many times must I enter this information in on MySpace for the change to actually take affect?
One of the great things MySpace has done is to allow every profile to have their own MySpace blog. Most of the MySpace Bots out there have no blog poster feature and this is a great feature that they need. MySpace already gets a lot of traffic so the chances of your MySpace blog getting traffic are much improved over having a blog on Blogger.
Let's say you are a member of a local dance group in you town and that each member of the group has a MySpace profile with a lot of friends. If your dance group was going to be having an event and you wanted to message everybody's friends on MySpace you would have to have each member of the group do this individually which can be very time consuming. If you had a MySpace Bot that had the feature of account chaining then you would have a lot more time to yourself.
There are so many sites out there that are giving away free MySpace layouts. Now you can search for these sites individually using your Internet Explorer but again this can become time consuming. Some Bot developers have software that will actually grab the profiles and download them for you. These are known as profile grabbers.
Now on MySpace you are only allowed to have one profile according to their TOS. What if you were a marketer and it was necessary to have multiple MySpace profiles? What kind of profile do you think will get the greatest number of visitors? Some of the great MySpace Bots out there have account creators for MySpace. I had my son get pictures of girls he knows and I use these pictures for all my profiles. The profile of the lesbians which showed 2 girls in the shower together in bikinis did great until MySpace deleted that profile.
If you have a lot of MySpace accounts and you want to send a message to each accounts friend then you need to make sure that each account sends out a different message otherwise MySpace will start to delete certain accounts/ A Bot that has what is known as a message randomizer is what is needed. You can have like a dozen different messages for the message randomizer to cycle through.
MySpace as well as a lot of the other Social Networking sites now use what is referred to as a CAPTCHA code for the creating of accounts and some of them have this for message sending. A CAPTCHA code is a series of letters and/or numbers that appear on a small image. A person then needs to add the sequence of letters and numbers into the space provided in order to continue what they were doing. Some of the Bots used to have CAPTCHA bypass functions which were great because entering in these CAPTCHA's can be time consuming. Nowadays it is hard to find a bot that offers this and the ones that do charge a premium for this feature.
The only reason why you may not need software created by one of these third party developers is if all you want to do is add friends to one profile. You can have a seperate piece of software for each function that you want to do but why would you? This can take up system resources as well as cost you more money than you need to spend. It is probably best to look for a MySpace Bot that is an all in one solution.
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