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What Is Windows Service and Its Relation To Registry

Before we understand the relationship between Windows service and a registry cleaner, let us understand what is Windows Service. Windows services are executable programs that run in the background to make the whole operating system stable and efficient. If the user were to click on 'start' and then click on 'Run' and type 'msconfig' into the dialogue box. The system would call up the registry window that would display various tabs one of these tab will be named 'services' click on this tab and you will see the number of services running in the back ground of your operating system. All these services that run in the background are stored in the registry. When any changes are made to these services or how they are implemented, these changes are recorded in the registry of the system. These changes have to be undone from time to time with a windows registry cleaner.
Need To Clean The Registry.
Sometimes the changes are made so often to windows services that the old entries to the related service are not deleted. So when the system calls up the service the entire services section of the registry has to be scanned to locate and configure the service being called up. The search will include past changes that were made as well. This process drastically slows down the system and makes it sluggish. A main symptom that will indicate the need for a power registry cleaner is that the system will take a very long time to boot up and shut down.
How the Registry Builds Up
When the system shuts down the changes that are made during the operating time of the PC will have to be recorded in the registry. The registry will have to search the registry sequentially until it comes to the spot that the entry has to be made in. This can take very long depending on the size of the registry. The same process is carried out when the system boots up. Good registry cleaner software can solve this problem by periodically cleaning the registry of redundant entries. You can download a free windows registry cleaner to assist you with the process.
When you download programs from the Internet they are recorded in the registry. You will delete the program or uninstall it after some time but he entries in the registry will stay. This will buildup and make the registry very large for the system to operate efficiently. The registry will need a thorough cleaning with a trusted windows registry cleaner.
A computer registry cleaner is not a complicated tool to use. It is a very handy tool that keeps your PC working efficiently day after day. Once you have downloaded the free registry repair cleaner it will install itself and offer you two options to clean your PC registry. One will be 'Scan Registry' and the other will be 'Repair Registry'. This takes a few minutes and your PC will be running like new. So go and get yourself a free windows registry cleaner today.
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