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When A Denver Personal Injury Attorney Is Needed

Here's a question: assuming you reside in the great state of Colorado and you suffer an injury because of someone else's negligence or careless behavior, are you aware that the law allows you to sue that person?
You do not necessarily need Colorado personal injury lawyer in order to file an action against such a person. However, by hiring a Denver personal injury attorney, your chances of collecting are greatly enhanced.
What Are Torts?
Colorado personal injury attorneys are experts in the legal specialty called torts - which is "legalese" for personal injury law. It is an area of the law that covers virtually everything from dog bites to product liability, and everything in between. Some Colorado personal injury attorneys specialize further, confining their cases to such areas as medical malpractice or traffic accidents.
Torts are considered part of civil rather than criminal law, incidentally; if you were the victim of a deliberate attack, you would initially file charges with the police rather than consult a Denver personal injury lawyer. However, if for some reason the attacker was found "not guilty" in criminal court because of a technicality, you could then hire a Denver injury lawyer and sue the attacker in civil court. Your chances of obtaining justice in civil court with a Denver injury attorney are actually better, because the standard of proof is lower in tort cases.
Is There a Difference Between Attorney and Lawyer?
The terms "Denver personal injury lawyer" and "Denver personal injury attorney" are often used interchangeably, but there is in fact a slight difference.A Denver injury lawyer must be licensed and certified to practice law by the Colorado State Bar Association. The word "attorney" simply means "legal representative" for a second party. You are legally entitled to be your own attorney if you wish, but this is inadvisable. If you are an injury victime and reside in or around the Denver metro area, hiring a certified Colorado personal injury lawyer is the wisest course to take.
What Does The Law Allow?
Injury victims can collect compensation for:
- Medical expenses
- Property loss
- Wages lost due to the inability to work
- Pain and suffering
This is true whether your injury was the result of a child's roller skates left on the sidewalk or a shoddy
product produced in a third-rate factory in China. Those of limited means can arrange for their
Colorado personal injury lawyer to take their case on contingency, so you pay only if you win your case.
Call Now
If you have been injured in an accident, call a Denver personal injury attorney right away. Because of statutes of limitations, you may lose all your rights if you delay too long. Denver personal injury attorneys licensed by the state bar association represent your best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.
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