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When Can You Get Compensation For Whiplash?

Out of the numerous types of injuries, such as strains, back injuries, broken limbs, temporary/permanent loss of sight or hearing, the one that most gets our eye is whiplash injuries. Yes, you can claim compensation for whiplash, but it basically depends on how much you have been at fault and how severe the injury really is.
There are several types of whiplash which result in different kinds of pain or discomfort. There are whiplash injuries caused by car accident and these are the most common ones, whiplash from contact sports and from work accidents.
The ones that really interest us right now are the ones resulting from car accidents and that are the most common object for compensation. They are the most common because they are always, or often very severe, or can have disastrous repercussions in the future, if unattended. They usually affect the neck and the back of the person while causing a lot of discomfort and probable spin problems as well. Usually, after an accident it can be days before the injured person starts feeling the first symptoms. These are dizziness, nausea, eye problems such as blurred vision and disability to focus. When having identified any of these symptoms you should have a medical control. If not attended, these symptoms may go away for a period, but they will surely come back to haunt you.
If the accident was partly your fault or if the claim you decide to file is not forwarded within 3 years from the accident you will have a lot of trouble finding a lawyer who would be willing to help you out and take on your case. Personal injury solicitors usually study intensely the cases before taking them on and if they see the smallest problem they will surely let you know whether your case stands or not.
On the other hand, if you are totally the victim in the accident, the compensation you get will be calculated together with your attorney on several grounds. First of all we have the gravity of the injury, the more serious the injury the bigger the compensation. The second thing that adds to this would be any medical expenses you have had due to the accident, any loss of income because of time off from work, or inability to perform your daily tasks. And last but not least, any property damage that you can declare by having kept records of repairing bills, etc.
Having a great attorney surely helps you out and gives you that extra confidence in your case. Alone you will not be able to handle all the stress and problems that may appear, but with the good counselor on your side your compensation for whiplash will definitely be that which you had expected.
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